Merry Christmas Lunch Ingham Turkey and Strawberry Santa

I hope you're all having a great start to the holiday season! I certainly am (besides not having finished my Christmas present shopping) and have kicked it off with a lovely Christmas lunch. So… I've never ever made a roast whole anything not chicken or turkey or quail and decided it was time to take the plunge when I received some Turkey samples from the wonderful people at Ingham.

One of the samples I received was the Whole Turkey Breast Buffe which came pre-marinated, making it a little less daunting for a first timer. The breast buffe weighed in at 3.6kg, and having been kept in the freezer thus far I took it out to thaw in the fridge for a couple of days (13hrs for each kg). Once it was thawed, I pat the turkey dry with paper towels, slipped some rosemary into the skin, stuffed the cavity and placed it on a rack in a roasting pan wih 2 cups of water and into my conventional oven it went. Simple! For the first hour I covered the turkey with foil and added a bit more water to the roasting pan and for the next hour I let it roast foil off until golden brown. Wanting to keep my stuffing simple I used what I had on hand – quartered lemons, rosemary, thyme and garlic. The turkey took around 2.5hours until it was roasted to perfection – a tip to use a meat thermometer so that it reaches 80C to ensure the turkey is cooked. Though the skin was not an even colour and had broken in a few places, when carving the turkey up it revealed the juicy and succulent meat which I was happy with. My family were also impressed and enjoyed our first Christmas lunch wih turkey as the centrepiece – usually we'd have sashimi and seafood…not very Christmassy. As it was my first time roasting a turkey, I was surprised at how simple and effortless it was, making my job a whole lot easier for the day.
While my turkey was roasting away I made a quick and easy warm potato salad with asparagus, leek and crispy pancetta.
As the salad only took 20mins to prepare, I also made a start on dessert Choux Pastry filled fresh cream custard – by making a custard and  combining it with fresh whipped cream you're left with an amazing to die for filling.

Ingham Whole Turkey Breast Buffe

Warm potato salad, asparagus, leek and crispy pancetta

Choux pastry with fresh whipped cream custard
Also, thank you to all the lovely readers who have commented on the Strawberry Santas I made for various Christmas gatherings ๐Ÿ™‚ As some of you have asked for a recipe, it's very very easy to make!
Strawberry Santa Recipe
Wash the strawberries (preferably large strawaberries), remove the leaf and cut the strawberry into two 1/3 from the tip for the hat and the remaining 2/3 will be the body of the Santa. Whip some fresh cream with sugar, ensure that it is stiff so that it can hold up the strawberry hat, and squeeze some onto the body and onto the tip of the hat. Carefully place a black sesame seed for each of Santa's eyes and place the strawberry hat on top. Easy! These are perfect for decoration to a cake or impress with these super cute and easy to make snack.
Strawberry Santas
Hope you all have a safe holiday season and wishing you a Merry Chrismas!