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Valentine’s Day and CNY

Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year evellibody!!!

White Chocolate Sponge Cake with Fresh Cream and Strawberries
(yeh yeh shut up you’re right that’s Alannah Hill tissue paper on the table)

So unfair how our offices in China get a week off for CNY  :(( which also means we have to do more work over here as well :((

Anyhoo my family doesn’t celebrate Chinese New Year … for obvious reasons but Helen’s family invited us over for dinner at her place and omg we had a FEAST of Lobsters, two Whole Fish (farmed themselves), Chicken, Pork and more Lobster .
Prior to that we had a Ping Pong match at Jase’s place (losers get hit with a Nerf gun), but even before that I started doing some Valentine’s baking for them…

Royal Milk Earl Grey Tea Chiffon Cake with Strawberries, Blueberries and Fresh Cream
Our family also received some delicious goodies from our family friend… packaged oh so perfectly but unfortunately I could not photograph well…
Chocolate Madeleines
Green Tea Macarons and Raspbery Macarons
There were also Chocolate Macarons… but I ate them… there were 4 of them too  

NYE – you give me love love love love, crazy love

Oh my, it’s already the 17th January 2010 … so hope you all had a very Happy New Year wherever you were! Me, I spent it with the besties at Doltone House in Pyrmont. Initially I had wanted to camp out at vantage points but boo for work on NYE so we chose the easier option of wining and dining XP

No food photos because the lighting sucked :(( but what I can give you is a rundown of the menu …

Italian Style Gourmet Antipasto
Seafood Platter
Pacific Oysters-Natural & Champagne Vinaigrette Platter and Garlic Prawns
Penne Alla Siciliana
Main (alternate serve)
Chargrilled Beef Filled with pomme puree, king brown mushrooms, buttered julienne snowpeas and red wine jus
Oven roasted Ocean Trout on garlic scented potato mash with baby green beans, cherry trussed tomatoes and caperberry beurre blanc

Dessert Symphony
Strawberry Ricotta Crepe, White Chocolate Panna Cotta and Espresso Coffee Bombe

So we did the eating and the drinking…
the Pigrush-ing…
Random camwhoring…
Random stupid acts…
the dancing…
and the posing…

All before the New Year Fireworks
Last photo of 2009
Pretty heart shaped fireworks

bang bang bang bang
Happy New Year !!
To a healthy, wealthy new year… with lots more posts to come!


We ran out of wrapping paper to wrap the Christmas presents last week so what did we do when we run out of wrapping paper…

RECYCLE and use a Starbucks Christmas Carry bag to wrap the presents and use the handles to make a bow !!
Bet you didn’t guess it was a Starbucks bag


Daffodil Day was on the Friday past, and we each got one daffodil and a chocolate caramel egg :9 and I also bought a pen because they’re always useful though I didn’t think the design of the pen is as cute as it was previous years. We also drove over to The Ranch for an extended lunch.

My Blue Tongue Lager Schooner XP

Anyway I got so so excited on Tuesday when my Peter Alexander Fairy Tales catalogue arrived, had a good flick through and told my mum what I wanted and she ordered XDDDD I was so surprised when the package arrived a mere day later, it usually takes a good 5-7days. I’d been waiting for this collection since I saw an ad for it in Grazia and it did not disappoint… the Sleeping Beauty Hispter PJ Pant was a must have ( I absolutely love disney princesses) and the Heart is where the Home is Waffle leggings because I literally live in these at home, also got the Red Riding Hood Long Boy Short and the Old World Rose Print Gown.  This should be enough for the first order… I am contemplating getting a nightie of some sort as well.

Mum bought this super cute couples TokiDoki pillow cases from Bondi Junction

AND last nights dinner :9


our loves the perfect crime

After hearing the good news, I went out for dinner at Hurstville with the family with a bottle of Rosemount O in hand XP

In the process of changing my bag a while ago I took a shot of my contents minus the rubbish like train tickets, gum wrappers and what not. These are probably the essentials I usually have plus the odd bag of lollies, paw paw ointment and a Starbucks thermos with Earl Grey tea.

Marc by Marc Jacobs with its contents. it’s never this neat
close upppp

My beloved timeless classic Chanel wallet  (still using it since my 18th woo baby)
Oroton Coin Purse … its getting pretty dirty now
Louis Vuitton Agenda
Prada Bow keychain pouch containing (YSL lipstick and lipgloss, YSL mini towel, Vaseline and Anna Sui Stand Up Mirror)
Prada Cardholder
LG Secret possibly to transform into a black iPhone soon
Canon IXUS 160IS
NDS because I love my sudoku wherever I go
my ancient 1st generation iPOD nano which is still working (I deco-ed this to spruce it up a lil)
2x Metallic pens (silver and purple)

Colonnade Cafe

It’s been a while since we had a lazy weekend, so this week we were determined to have a quiet night in. I wasn’t in the mood to venture out into the city so our venue for brunch was local at Colonnade cafe at Hurstville. Bill overindulged with a Big Breakfast and I ordered a Vegetarian toasted sandwich with a pot of Earl Grey tea. Usually I order this vegetarian sandwich with focaccia bread… I suppose to make it more “mediterranean” XP but since I can never finish it, I tried the brown multigrain bread and it was a perfect portion. I was able to demolish my plate easily without making my garbage can having to eat half of my dish as well as his.

We also saw the cutest dogs at Hurstville, a black sharpei x english staffy that looked like Bill, so we named him Billy. His face was so cute with a tinge of sadness, it was to dieee for.

The rest of the day was spent at mine where Bill installed Sims3 for me, and we started to build our virtual life together. When we got bored of that we retreated to the kotatsu and foxtel, where we watched a bit of Enchanted and all of The Matrix. I never knew The Matrix was so interesting, I think I never fully understood it when I watched it 10years ago… and it’s so much more easy to understand it when you have someone explaining everything each minute X) Now we’re gonna spend weekends watching the rest of The Matrix trilogy.

Vegetarian toasted Sandwich on brown bread

Innards – Grilled Capsicum, Grilled Eggplant, Cheese and Grilled Mushrooms with Pesto paste

Fried Eggs, Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms, Sausages with Onions and Fries (instead of a hash brown)

My Sims’ goals is to be swimming in cash and Living in a lap of luxury XDD

Okonomiyaki dinner.

Oh, it’s getting hot in here there must be something in the atmosphere

Picked up a few things from the ASOS sale with 

  XP including some Paul&Joe make up. BLAH I shouldn’t even be spending… but they were way too cute to resist.

Paul & Joe Disney Milky Lip Treatment
Everyone knows I can’t resist anything Disney, so getting this was a no brainer. Suprisingly it’s really good!! It’s moisturising (with hydrating sunflower and jojoba oil) and has a subtle pink sheen which is really really cute! Get it  
Alas again the packaging got me… this is a blotting paper case with a mirror inside too!! So handy
Paul & Joe pressed powder
This is absolutely gorgeous, it’s soft and leaves the skin really soft too. It’s sheer and I love how it shimmers with its "Secret D’or" so I’m using it as a highlighter.

but she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts, she wears high heels, I wear sneakers

Am now officially a University of Sydney Alumni fck yehh XD

In front of Hogwarts

Friday morning got ready and dressed in my Alannah Hill Can’t Hold Back Frock and yes it was 7degrees in the morning and freezing, so much that I had the worst goosebumps and my legs went blue and purpleah the things I do to look good (sheer tights or opaques just wouldn’t look right with the gown) We parked in a 1P spot near uni (though we stayed for 4hrs) so I could get fitted for my robes and take professional family portraits… (with Bill in them too so now he has to marry me or my sister) Then I cam whored my way around uni, taking so many luvo shots and some photos for relatives overseas. At 1130 we proceeded to The Great Hall where I graduated in a drop dead gorgeous gown and trencher XP in an hour long ceremony, all for a snazzy red folder. We also had to walk correctly and "salute" the Chancellor and acting Dean by either curtseying, bowing or tipping our hats. It was all very exciting, especially seeing everyone and taking happy snaps XDD highly enjoyable experience ANND I was even on tv muahaha but it mainly focuses on my friend John mpegmedia.abc.net.au/lateline/video/podcast/r386287_1803273.m4v (It’s right at the end if you’re bothered to watch it at around 4min40secs)

Waiting for Cedric Diggory
My custom made bear with matching robes ho ho ho
walk and over the shoulder pose
Bill and I
Me with my sister
Ze Great Hall
Study buddieeees
Getting too excited… the hat is still in my hand but I’m looking up somewhere
There we go

 and I
…and again

After all that we lunched at Bite Me Burger for a hooge satisfying meal with fries and a "brr" coke. I had the Mini Oh My Dog! and Mini Bloody Mary Burger with fries and a side order of onion rings to share which was crisp and piping hot on the inside.

Bill’s drawing while waiting for our food

Dinner with the besties was at Suminoya a Japanese all you can eat buffet which was pretty good, we ordered a shitload of juicy prawns, garlic prawns, sashimi (salmon, kingfish, tuna which we suprisingly fresh), scallops, octopus, squid, beef rib finger, beef fillet, beef tongue, pork rib, chicken giblet… and so much more meat because we’re carnivorous like that. Overall all the meat were fresh and tender and  were marinated nicely and the prawns were pretty plump and the sashimi was fresh… Special mention goes to the thin and flavourful beef tongue because it tasted oh-so-good (and oily) and the beef rib finger which was marinated in this beautiful sauce and had just enough fat to make it the tastiest cut of meat there. Other foods we ordered were yukke, edamame and a variety of seafood and seaweed salads.For dessert I ordered one of everything so I tasted the Coffee Jelly which had a good coffee taste and the jelly was purin purin and their homemade green tea ice cream which was deliciouss and creamy but my favourite dessert would have to be the lemon sorbet which was the perfect pallette cleanser after eating so much meat… and allowed me to enjoy the full flavours of the green tea ice cream with cornflakes and azuki. It was fun, but the place does get very very smoky, I don’t think their air vents work as well as they should as they didn’t suck the smoke away very effectively.

the only foodie shots because I was busy eating
Ze men in their uniforms
Ze ladies


I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always

I’ve been bad… but Angie’s been bad too since we both broke our shopping bans in spectacular fashion as soon as we hit the sales… we even tried not to shop altogether but ended up checking out the stocktake sales a few days later. Angie also bought shoes and a few items from PA and cosmetics!

Peter Alexander Equestrian Cardigan and Tuxedo Gown
Guess by Marciano Miliab
We were also bad in the fact that we indulged in a Chocolate Avalanche after a dinner of full rack of ribs at Tony Roma’s. We didn’t know what it was initially, we just ordered it because all the other tables had one too… turned out to be a delicious and moist chocolate cake with ice cream and chocolate cookie topping and chocolate sauce YUM!!
Angie has obaachan hands
<33 with her gorgeous Hermes cube pendant
We’re meeting up tomorrow too for coffee and some more shopping T_T but I always have so much fun

all I see is your face, all I need is your touch, wake me up with your kiss

So a few weeks ago I took my baby Angie to Chatswood for the second time in her lifee and spent a few shopping days with mummy dearest which has left me in serious debt but blissfully happy and scored myself a graduation gift XPPPP

My bundle of joy

A quick visit to Chatswood to pick up my dress but it led to one of the hardest decisions, and literally spent 2hours thinking it over between the Totally Turnlock Sondra, Faridah, Quinn and the Softy City Bag. I was looking for the perfect medium sized slouchy soft leather bag and found four and the store basically they had just arrived and only had one of each. I ruled out the Softy City bag mainly because I wasn’t digging the snapped coin pouch on the front and the amount of rounded studs on the front as well and the zipped pocket with logo script, I just thought it was all too much but I did love the removable leather shoulder strap with link and clasp attachments. So I was left with three Totally Turnlock bags, it was then Faridah’s time to leave the bag race because I preferred a closed top rather than an open top with a hidden magnetic closure and it was a close battle between the Quinn and Sondra. I had been eyeing the Quinn for a while now and it seemed logical to take that one but my panel of judges (Angie, Annie and mum) deemed the Quinn too big for me and the colour black made it too boring… so I chose the Sondra with her buttery soft and supple leather, a zip tip, front and side pockets with turnlock closures, pewter hardware and a flat shoulder strap which drops 24"!! PERFECTION and omg the leather handles are padded and oh so soft and comfortable.

TAH DAH! My graduation present… thank you mummy dearest
Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Sondra
oh gawd so soft and buttery
With a little more shape here.

More goodies…

Burberry Lacing Square Sunglasses (there’s a metal lacing plaque on the side)
when this oversized square baby fit my temple I just had to have it.
Mimco Jetson Satchel… bought it a few days too early
Disney Couture Tinkerbell Three Strand bracelet with 14k gold plate and Swarovski crystals
Thanksss Bill <33

Other recent purchases Peter Alexander Roberston Boulevard dress, whole bunch of lingerie, Guerlain Perfect White SPF50/PA+++ because I’m paranoid like that.

Abit older BUT as soon as I received my Peter Alexander catalogue, I knew I had to have this and did a ordered it straight away in fear that it would sell out… Lucky I bought it as soon as I did because when I decided to buy another THEY WERE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT like even the large size… (which I wasn’t really expecting). How depressing. I’ve always wanted a something like this since watching the Girls of the Playboy Mansion (yeh great for watching late at night when you have nothing to do…)

Peter Alexander Playsuit
It is unbelievably warm and comfy and greaaat for winter. I absolutely love it

cute bunny aplique
Peter Alexander Fluffy Jacket with horns?
THIS is sooo warm as well, it’s fluffy on the inside too!
now I’m on a complete shopping ban…

for as long as I can resist