Back from Chinaland!!!

Hi all!!

I think it’s been around a month now, and we’re finally back from our holiday in Chinaland!!! …


We’ve also brought back a few extra kgs …

ANNND meet my new toy!!


Stay tuned for more blog posts from our holiday! :))

Ni Hao Shanghai

Just a quick update whilst I’m at an internet cafe waiting for my train back to Shanghai (I’m in Wuxi atm). Just had KFC for lunch – a Prawn burger and the bf had a Satay Chicken Burger, which is apparently the most popular KFC burger here, rather than the original fillet burger – they also have backed chicken wingettes and drumsticks here.

Later on we plan to get ice cream at Haagen Dazs and a Taro pie from McDonalds. :))))

Zai Jian!!!

I’m up up and away… off on a holiday: 3 destinations in 3weeks.

Be back soon with loads of photos from faraway lands ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess where I’m off to ??
Getting myself excited for the trip, I made these last weekend!!
Felt Dumplings, Sesame Bun, Shu Mai and Spring Rolls!!!

Oyster Weekend Indulgence

Spoiled ourselves over the weekend with an impromptu couples retreat with Helen and Jase at Quay West Resort Magenta Shores.  The resort was gorgeous, everything was so so clean and NEW. I think it only recently finished building because our GPS located a huge piece of land when we typed the address in. Our lagoon villa was so spacious, with the lagoon pool close by, indoor heated pool, gym and steam just up the road AND with a humongous kitchen with an island *squeeal*.

It wasn’t all indulgence though as our R&R actually turned out to be a super painful one for some after a huge 5 hour workout on the following day. We had booked ourselves a Wine and Kayak Guided Tour (Glenworth Valley Tours $115) through Brisbane Waters and Woy Woy Bay which started at 10am and ended at 3pm. It was supposed to be relaxing, paddling through serene waters, taking in natural surroundings and learning about oyster farms – how their grown, how to eat them best and what wine to match with them and finishing off with a pelican feeding. We did do all of that but it also turned out to be 10km and 4hours of hardcore paddling in the scorching sun… because we were way to competitive and our strokes sucked. Nonetheless we had fun paddling and eventually burning out. Anyhoo, most importantly during the tour we ate the-most-delicious-creamy-oysters-ever farmed from the Tea Gardens. They were the-best-I-ever-had and I wanted more – I think I ate close to a dozen during the tour, but it obviously it wasn’t enough for us so the next few days we went around the local seafood shops for oysters and even ended up spending $35 for a dozen at a restaurant instead.

The rest of the weekend flew by as we tried to relax and limit the use of arms which were still aching from kayaking by hitting the beach and lazing around the lagoon pool, indoor resort pool and soaking our muscles in the steam room.

*sigh* weekends are never long enough anymore :(((

Quay West Resort Magenta Shores
The number one golf course in Australia?
Birds of Paradise soaking up the sun
(on our way to the lagoon pools)
Lagoon pool next to our Villa
(Jase looks really funny here… like a baby’s body with a big head)
Cooking with the besties with a glass of Rosemount O = FTW!
Sweet and Sour Pork
Garlic Butter Chicken
Garlic Prawns
  The beach 10mins from our villa
… which was windy and had rough seas…
(my tshirt with ramen made Bill crave noodles)
the boys had very synchronised JUMPS AND LAND which impressed the girls
Found a much calmer beach with shallow waters
R&R makes me so happy
I miss summer already!!

Gold Coast

So as soon as our exams were over, it was time for a long needed stress free weekend getaway… which actually turned out to be a week long getaway but who’s complaining. Now the only stress we feel is saving up for our next trip and our exam results *gulp* but I’ll leave them for later…

It was off to the Gold Coast with the besties and our boys to escape the dreaful winter in Sydney.ย  The weather was amaziiinng, it’s only north of N.S.W but the mornings were so warm and I didn’t need my electric blanket to sleep at night. We did the what the usual turistas do; it was Dreamworld, Wet n Wild and Movieworld before heading back home to work our butts off.
Dreamworld was crazy, it was my 2nd time there so I didn’t feel the need to try every ride out and feel sick afterwards. I loved the new motorcycle ride it was so much fun and so different.
Wet n Wild was pretty much the same as next time, we found out the heavier the group the more thrilling the ride in the donuts are. Bill always made our donut go really fast XP
Movieworld was so gay… the Scooby Doo ride broke down after we waited in line for 40minutes. and that was the ride I was looking forward to riding again, it was so much fun last time now i feel shitted when I think about it. The Superman ride was as awesome as it was last year… in fact I think it was scarier than last year.

The theme parks were so much fun, things we can’t do in Sydney but I must shamefully admit the best times were when we were chilling at home playing poker with starburst lollies and milky ways as chips, playing crazy drinking games like talking sentences in backwards, making weird animals sounds… concentrating too much and the rules rather than drinking and playing the most hilarious games of charades between the couples, which btw made us realise charades can seriously ruin the strongest of relationships.

Most of all this selfish bitch absolutely loved having you all to myself.