Wayama Japanese Restaurant

Earlier this year we made a visit to Wayama Japanese Restaurant (28 Princes Highway, Sylvania) just down the road from Paul’s Famous Hamburgers voted Sydney’s Best Aussie Burger…but that’s a story for another day. If you’re familiar with the Sylvania area, Wayama occupies the same space as Masa Japanese Restaurant, just by the foot bridge. The restaurant is run by the sweetest couple, ex Azuma Head Chef Noboru Takayama and his wife Miki Takayama who is a friend of our family and they run the restaurant almost all on their own! which means the service can be slow but also great, friendly hospitality ; ) The small restaurant is cosy and homely and it looked like the locals love this place too as the restaurant was full.

For this occasion we had the Chefs ‘Kaiseki‘ Course $48pp consisting of several minimalist seasonal courses, which was exciting as the chef has trained in Japan for numerous years before coming to Australia. With a glass of umeshu we started off with a course similar to sunomono, a salad of cucumber, celery, shredded crab with yuzu dressing to whet the appetite. Followed by sakizuke, an appetiser with bite size pieces of salmon nanban, tsukemono (pickles) sushi, snapper fry, teriyaki chicken ball and sweet vinegar white radish. The snapper was delicious encased in a crispy panko crumb and I love love love sweet vinegar white radish, my mum makes the red radish at home but not often enough I say! The mukozuke course is traditionally a cold dish, usually sashimi, in this case we had seared salmon and thick slices of fresh tuna on a bed of ice, the presentation was so pretty but the portion was so small, wish I had more! Yakimono, is a grilled dish, rich slices of roast duck with pine mushroom sauce, ruby grapefruit, snow peas and red capsicum, the roast duck and subtle pine mushroom sauce was the highlight of this dish, as the side was julienne vegetables. My favourite course was the shiizakana, melt in your mouth wagyu beef and vegetables in a red miso and red wine stew. This dish is perfect for winter, a hearty dish warming the soul, wagyu beef flaked as you cut into it and I really enjoyed the red miso sauce as the red wine was not too overpowering. The rice (gohan) was a mixture of potatoes and abura-age (deep fried tofu sheet) which is served at the end of the meal along with red miso soup. For dessert or mizumono a trio of homemade cheese cake, green tea ice cream and seasonal fruits.

Wayama Japanese Restaurant

Salad of cucumber, celery, shredded crab with yuzu dressing

salmon nanban, tsukemono (pickles) sushi, snapper fry, teriyaki chicken ball and sweet vinegar white radish


Roast duck with pine roast duck with pine mushroom sauce, ruby grapefruit, snow peas and red capsicum

Wagyu beef and vegetables in a red miso and red wine stew

Homemade cheese cake, green tea ice cream and seasonal fruits

I’d definitely recommend trying Wayama if you’re in the area and in the mood for Japanese, it really is a great local gem (my other favourite local Japanese is Kazuki, Hurstville). If you’re interested in the Kaiseki course, book one day ahead, it also changes often and seasonally. As the owners ae both Japanese, they have items on the menu which are traditional Japanese foods we would enjoy at home and aren’t usually found in Japanese restaurants like traditional tonjiru (pork soup) or tsukemono (pickled side dishes). Be warned, parking can be painful, there are lots of ‘No Stopping’ signs in every which way of the surrounding streets which are terribly confusing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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Hamburger CAKE! from Ella’s Patisserie

I love love love Ella’s Patisserie (Forest Road, Hurstville) – there is even a Le Cordon Bleu certification behind the counter, so you know it’s going to be good. Some people go to Ella’s for their instant ramen menu but I go for their cakes, more specifically their mango mousse cake which is DIVINE. Their fruit mousse cakes are amazingly light, airy and fluffy with a strong taste of natural fruits. So whenever there is a celebration or a birthday in the family, we get a huge mango mousse cake.

Most recently, it was my dad’s birthday so I came home expecting a Mango Cheesecake… instead my mum brought out a Hamburger cake from Ella’s Patisserie. It looked like such a real hamburger it was weird to eat it especially with the sesame seeds on top, but it was delicious – a sponge cake filled with chocolate mousse (meat patty), fresh kiwis (lettuce) and strawberries (tomato), fresh cream (mayo) and omg the "cheese" was mango mousse. The combination of chocolate and mango may sound weird but it was so tasty – we each had seconds XP


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Pappa Roti it was like eating a cloud…

One day a silly boy made a silly bet and was left $50 poorer. That boy is Bill.
While overseas we had missed our friends opening of Pappa Roti (which also meant we missed out on a free 2nd bun with any purchase), so I nagged Bill to take me to eat their signature buns – here is when Bill told me there’s more than just ONE bun… so we made a bet and I won XD

Pappa Roti (Railway Parade, Kogarah)
is the first outlet in Australia (and not the last outlet) and thank god it’s so close because their buns are really tasty. We skipped over there one lazy Saturday afternoon ordered a Cappuccino and watched them carefully pipe coffee cream onto the buns while Bill chatted away with Simon from Pappa Roti. It was about 10mins later sweet coffee aroma started to waft around the room and we received our freshly baked buns straight out of the oven – and it was like eating a cloud!! The bun was oh so fluffy and sweet… but the best bit was when you get to the middle there’s a cube of melted butter!! I love butter – you know that bit in Bride Wars where she joins the Butter club and eats sticks of butter from around the world – that would be me.

I was in heaven the bun was perfectly sweet and salty and crispy. It’s definitely better freshly baked, but it doesn’t hurt to buy some extra and heat them up in the oven later! I had another one for breakfast…

Pappa Roti
(Even though we missed the opening special deal, I actually ended up receiving a free buns – because when you buy 9 you get the 10th free muaha)
Afternoon pick me up
Piping away and for all pedestrians to see

This guy still owes me…
… and this guy was not impressed

Pappa Roti Signature Buns – fresh out of the oven and seriously tasty!!

Crispy golden brown buns on the outside while light and fluffy in the inside. The fragrant coffee-cream-coated bun with its buttery filling is best eaten piping hot and freshly baked!