You, Me and The World (hopefully)

I love travelling…and Bill loves travelling for and with me XP We love spending quality time together, the freedom of walking and exploring new cities and having ten meals a day. However, as much as I'd like to say we're the same type of travellers – we're definitely not – in fact we're completely different I'm a meticulous planner and he likes to go with the flow, I like to start early in the day and he prefers to sleep in which leads us to bicker and quarrel but somehow we manage and are grateful and love the priceless experiences we've gained from travelling with each other. We've only just begun travelling together but hopefully we'll be able globetrot around the world and I don't believe you can really "do" a city during a short holiday so I forsee many more repeated trips to come. So I've decided to really start a travel log to share our experiences with you and our relatives overseas but mostly for us to reminisce on those travels. Bill recently asked if he had missed my Japan posts, but actually I hadn't even begun but that's all about to change…now!

Japan April 2011

Unfortunately the weeks leading up to our holiday to Japan was filled with grief and uncertainty for personal reasons and the apocalyptic situation in Northern Japan. To each their own and we had the hard decision of postponing or going ahead with our trip but after careful discussion with my family in Japan, my parents and friends living in various areas of Japan we decided to re-jig our itinerary and focus our time in Southern Japan and we did not regret it. I often joke to Bill that Japan is superior in every way which is totally biased but I digress…Japan is unique and a world apart from anywhere else. There was so much to absorb – the sights, the culture, the food oh-the-food! – everything just tastes so much better in Japan. I tried to get as much of a variety for Bill to experience but I don't think we even tried many specialities. However most of all, Bill was mostly affected and overwhelmed by the nature of Japanese people more than anything – the humility, respect and general social harmony which was evidence that Japan would come out stronger out of the crisis. People often ask me if I'd ever live in Japan and my answer would always be a no and I'd be pretty adamant about it as I've always felt that the lifestyle wouldn't suit me. However I think we both left our hearts in Japan last April as we'd both seriously consider it – so much that we couldn't wait to go back… so we're off again in November and I CAN.NOT.WAIT! Let's see how many posts I can share with you all before then. 

9 thoughts on “You, Me and The World (hopefully)

  1. *sorry i left a wrong comment earlier lol*

    I’m visiting japan again this sept! I know what you mean by it being so superior – everything’s clean, awesome and noone steals stuff or pickpockets (or at least, very very rarely). it’s also quite possibly the only place where you can lose a whole wallet and get it back with everything intact! (happened to a friend)

    • hehe that’s why I didn’t understand your earlier comment

      OH I can’t wait to see some of your posts from Japan in Sept! Yes, it’s so safe in Japan and I always feel welcomed and everybody is willing to take time to help you out!! For me, it was a very vast contrast to when we went to Shanghai and it’s exhausting fighting with all the rude people you encounter all day!!

      Totally understandable that your husband didn’t want to take you in April. Southern Japan was fine and a lot of the tourist companies and hotels and restaurants wanted us to come and assured us that they were unaffected. Don’t worry the sakura will be back next year ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Yes!! Even Hong Kong is full of rude PRCs in the area… It gets worse in Seoul man.

        Yeah, but looking at it, i’m visiting Japan twice in a year right after the disaster and radioactivity/cesium doesn’t go away for at least 60 years so there is no difference!!! haha. The wasted thing was I was supposed to get part of my wedding pictures shot there with the Sakuras. : (

        Nonetheless, I look forward to having a good time in JP soon! : D Seeing your awesome pics makes me ashamed to post mine on my Hokkaido / Tokyo trip a few months ago. > <

  2. I’ve heard such good things about Japan – I hope I get there one day. Looking forward to seeing/reading all your posts (esp the food ones of course)

  3. please do more travel posts ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe you two are so cute! i love japan too, the lifestyle is so different!


    • haha I’ll try to share as many travel posts as I can – are you more interested in locations or just the food??
      I’m so bad I started to do Shanghai and never finished ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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