Roule Galette

Back to normal programming, just for a week because then I’ll be off to Japan.

After checking out of the hotel on our last day we headed out for breakfast. Initially we were going to a drop by a cafe on Degraves St but it was already crowded and instead found Roule Galette (Flinders Lane, Melbourne) – a tiny but very cosy and cute restaurant where our very charming waiters sang and danced along to french tunes all the while happily chatting away to each other in French and making our galettes.

Deciding it was a little too early for a crepe with chocolate and sugar, we both chose galettes (an authentic savoury pancake which comes from the French region of "Bretagne", made from buckwheat flour). I chose the traditional Brittany Complete Galette filled with ham, shredded cheese, butter and completed with an egg in the middle of the folded crepe. Bill on the other hand had a more decadent breakfast choosing the Saint Jacques, a galette with "Saute" de leek and extraordinary scallops from overseas. Initially I was a bit worried the scallops wouldn’t be cooked well, but they were big, fat, juicy and seared lightly, I especially loved the cream and leeks inside the crepe.

Roule Galette 
Complete Galette – filled with ham, shredded cheese, butter, egg


Saint Jacques – "Saute de leek" and extraordinary scallops from overseas

Though the food took a while to be served (I blame this on Bill’s Saint Jacques), the waiters were friendly and it was a lovely way to start our day.

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