MoVida Aqui and The Flan

We managed to score a table at Movida Aqui & Terrazza (500 Bourke St Level 1) where we over-ordered because we wanted to try everything on the menu. The space was huge and decorated with milk crates surrounding the bar tables and the open ktichen, the atmosphere was lively and happy. Definitely a fun way to finish the night ๐Ÿ™‚

We took fairly long to decide what we wanted to order but we started off with a jug a sangria because Bill was craving something fruity… and a complimentary board of bread and olive oil for dipping. Soon the Tapa Clasicas started to arrive; I love calamari so I had to order the calamari sandwich which came with this beautiful garlicky mayonnaise while B wanted to try the anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet – I’m not a fan of anchovies but I didn’t want to take a bite out of Bill’s and just ordered one for myself too and I loved the cooling sensation of the tomato sorbet against the warmth of the anchovy, it also balanced out the saltiness of the anchovy so was very nice to eat. I also love potatoes, so the catalan potato bomb was next on my list and oh my god I could have had more of these little babies. These tasty morsels were crisp and perfect though I think the chorizo must have been minced (for some reason I expected to find a piece of chorizo in the middle much like an onigiri). And that was the end of our tapas.

I would have been happier if we had a few vege dishes but B is more of a meat guy than veges so we ordered the Jamones which he finished most of because it was too salty for me unless I ate it with bread which I already finished off (I’m preeettty sensitive to salt, I like sugar more). We also ordered the pork belly with truffle? (I forget) from the specials menu and was recommended by our waitress as a must-have, probably because the skin was so crunchy, the meat and peaches were so tender and juicy. The speed of food arriving at our table slowed down when we got to the raciones, so much that we ended up ordered an extra dish of croquetas filled with spicy pork and forgetting we were still waiting on our crab omelette..d’oh. Of course they both came at once, when we were practically stuffed to the brim, the crab omelette was light and fluffy but I couldn’t enjoy the croquetas as much because for one I was full and two I was already too much in love with the bomba.

We were unable to finish the croquetas and Bill was ready to call it a night but I still wanted dessert even though I was really really really full. B said he could only commit to one bite of dessert, and I was sure I couldn’t finish the rest of a dessert myself so we decided to just ask for the bill –  I guess Bill saw the sadness in my eyes and reasoned that we would regret not trying dessert here and ended up ordering the flan. The flan was the one dessert to rule them alllll, so simple but so fricken DELICIOUS, we both could not get enough of it, it had just the right amount of sweetness and went down so smoothly – I was fighting over each spoonful creme caramel with a man who said he could only commit to ONE BITE. I was so so glad we ended up ordering dessert :))))))) and I’ve actually been craving it ever since. – it was that good.

It was definitely a fun and casual night within the lively, spacious atmosphere of the restaurant. The service was attentive with the waiter refilling our sangria, bringing more ice and the waitress checking up on how we were going in terms of food. They were both also really patient when I was very indecisive about what foods to order… I’d love to go back again with more friends so I can try a wider variety of dishes.

Movida Aqui


I spy croquetas

Bocadillo de calamares
Calamari sandwich with Basque guindilla and mayonnaise

Hand filleted Cantabrian Artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet

Catalan Potato bomb filled with chorizo

Jamones 50 grams served with pa amb tomaquet
Serrano ‘Montesano’ artisan mountain ham 24 months

Pork Belly (from the specials menu)

Crab Omelette (from the specials menu)

spicy pork croquettes

Crème caramel served with pestino
(haha check out the quality of this photo… you can tell the sangria worked it’s magic by now… but seriously guys even though its a crap photo it was DELICIOUS)

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