Loosening our belts at Löwenbräu Keller

 Happy New Year! (the very last day I can get away with saying that…unless you celebrate Chinese New Year)

So Bill caught up with some old friends in the new year and I tagged along because they were going to Löwenbräu Keller (18 Argyle Street, The Rocks) where I ended up ringing in the New year with cow bells. 

It was a Wednesday night but the Bavarian decorated Lowenbrau bier hall was filled with people and had a very lively atmosphere, which reminded me of How to Train a Dragon. I started the night off with a Limonata bier which was perfectly sour and a piece of freshly baked dense pretzel served by a waiter dressed in a dirndl. Then a waitress clad in lederhosen served our crazy humongous Schlachplatte arrived and between three people (2 guys and a girl) we barely finished half of the selection of Bavarian Specialties of sausages, chicken schnitzel, meat loaf, roasted pork belly AND a roasted pork knuckle, as well as mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, red cabbage, bread dumpling covered in bier gravy…needless to say the guys’ belts needed some loosening. We also had the Kassler Kotelett where on top of mashed potato was a huge piece of perfectly grilled pink, thick pork loin which was kind of like eating a huge slab of ham… I wasn’t expecting the piece of pork loin to be so large as well. But the highlight of my night was the entertainment, three old men danced a traditional dance, blew a super long horn and hosted bier drinking competitions. I also got to ring the tiniest cow bell (of course I got the smallest cow bell) to Edelweiss, unfortunately for my poor friend who had to blow the trombone…she was so embarrassed. 

We laughed a lot and ate way too much that we needed to take a walk before having Gelatissimo for dessert. I’d definitely love to bring visitors here for a fun night out.
That’s all, I’m sleepy.

Löwenbräu Keller

Home Baked Pretzel – Oven Fresh Bavarian Specialty

Basket of Freshly Baked Garlic Ciabatta

Lemon Weizen
with Limonata

Kassler Kotelett
Lean, Hot Smoked Pork Loin, Lightly Grilled with Mashed Potatoes and Sauerkraut

Oven-Roasted Pork Knuckle Served with Sauerkraut, Löwenbräu Bier Sauce and Mashed Potatoes

That’s me and my friend to my right … who is about to be handed the trombone

Stein Bier drinking competition.

The Entertainment


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