Birthday Eve at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay

Seafood makes me happy, so for my 23rd birthday Bill spoiled me and he took us out to dinner at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay (End of Ferry Road, Glebe). A converted boathouse, it’s a little hard to find and very hard to find parking in small residential streets but we saw some people arriving in style via water taxi which dropped them right outside. Our reservation at 6pm was absolute perfection as The Boathouse has a panoramic view of the Anzac Bridge and the city skyline which was stunning as day transformed into night and there were lights glittering everywhere – so pretty!

We just had to start off with oysters which were fresh shucked to order; their variety of oysters available were dizzying and we wanted to try them all but we thought it might confuse us too much so we chose oysters from Lemon Tree Passage with a mignonette – very fresh and briny goodness. Wanting to try something different we also ordered the Ocean Trout Roe with Potato Blinis which was the sex. The potato blinis were hot and fluffy, smeared with creme fraiche and a little wasabi and topped it off with big plump ocean trout roe and popped it whole into my mouth – so moreish and to die for! Afraid that the ocean trout roe wouldn’t fill us up we also ordered the delicate Tartare of Yellowfin Tuna but those potato blinis really fill you up… On a completely different note – they served all our dishes on a metal tier and myself being short… it was difficult to take photos of the food without having to stand up so unfortunately the photos of the oysters and ocean trout roe which were placed on the top tier…aren’t fantastic.
There were a few things on the menu we would have liked to try but we couldn’t go past their famous Snapper Pie to share. After 30mins along came a trolley and the snapper pie was served at our table – amazing, yum! Bill also really loved the smoked tomato. For a side salad Bill ordered the Green Beans and Radicchio salad which was delicious but we were too full to finish this. Obviously not full enough to skip dessert though and we had a simple Banana souffle served in a small copper saucepan – too cute! and Pecan ice cream. We finished the evening off with complimentary Frangipani and Apple Crumble petit fours.

The staff were polite and attentive without being overbearing and the restaurant had a relaxed ambience and the food was simply delicious. We’ll definitely return, especially for special occasions and focus more on trying oysters from different areas of NSW.

Have a safe and happy new year everyone!!

The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay

Organic Rye and Sourdough

Lemon Tree Passage Rock from Mid North Coast
Tartare of Yellowfin Tuna, Cuttlefish, Radish & Lime

Ocean Trout Roe from Macquarie Harbour, Potato Blinis with Wasabi & Creme Fraiche

Potato Blinis

Please excuse my dirty plate but this is my finished product

Green Bean, Radicchio, Egg & Sunflower Seed Salad

Snapper Pie with Smoked Tomato & Mashed Potato

Simply delicious

Banana Souffle and Pecan Ice Cream

Frangipani and Apple Crumble Petit Four

Thank you Bill for an amazing dinner with a super pretty view and I think we should have our reception here kthxbye

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23 at Longrain Restaurant and Bar

Jase has been trying to organise for us to go to Longrain for a good part of the year now, but we always opted for elsewhere due to their no dinner bookings policy and it was a hassle to organise everyone to get there from work. However, we’ve finally made it here nice and early for my 23rd birthday – I even scored parking right outside – lucky me! And though it was a Sunday the dining room filled up very quickly and within 30minutes of being seated, the place was full.

Longrain (85 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills) converted from an old industrial warehouse into a super chic cocktail bar complete with a dj and a huge dining room with communal dining tables. I must admit I’m not a fan of communal dining because its really hard to hold a private conversation without having your personal space invaded and if you unfortunately spill something it doesnt spill onto the floor but onto the stranger next to you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyhoo onto our foods… Longrain famous for their cocktails, I of course started the night off with a ‘stick drink’ Ping Pong – muddled passionfruit and lychees, vodka, lychee liquer and ice – so refreshing and has been a favourite of mine since Taste of Sydney 2009. We started off with Freshly shucked oysters with red chilli lime juice and deep fried eschalots, followed by the Betel leaf topped with prawn roasted coconut. mint and chilli which I just popped into my mouth had a nice balance of flavours. No visit to Longrain is complete without ordering the signature Eggnet which featured on MasterChef Australia. – the lacy and fancy eggnet delicately sat atop a generous bowl of beansprouts and prawns but it didnt look like the table next to ours where their eggnet encased all the ingredients. We had eggnet envy but it was still delicious. Other delicious meals we ordered were the Green curry of burrawong chicken which was amazing and aromatic, twice cooked crisp duck salad, stir fried pumpkin dish. Another favourite of mine was the Caramelised pork hock which though it was a little dry I loved how it was so sticky it stuck to my teeth. Though the parking meter timer was ticking we still had room for dessert which was my favourite dish of the night – tapioca, chocolate mousse and red bean ice cream.

Ping Pong

Betel leaf topped with smoked trout chilli garlic galangal & trout roe

Betel leaf topped with prawn roasted coconut, mint & chilli

Eggnet with pork, prawn, peanuts, bean sprouts & deep fried eschallots

Green curry of burrawong chicken with baby corn & pea eggplants

Twice cooked duck salad ?

Caramelised pork hock with five spice & chilli vinegar

Stir fried pumpkin and veges

Tapioca and chocolate mousse


Thank you for coming out and celebrating with me and for the precious necklace and the amazing planetary mixer!!

Meet Cupcake.
My awesome friends know me too well.

Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to send me birthday wishes! 

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Strawberry Santa’s and I at an Xmas Picnic

It was a super sunny Saturday as the weather cooperated with us and I, armed with a tray of strawberry Santa’s headed down to Centennial Park for the 2nd Annual Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic. Having recently attended the Sydney Food Blogger Mad Hatter Spring Picnic, I was more relaxed and excited having previously met tonnes of great people, but with such a huge turnout, I unfortunately didn’t get around to saying hi to every one of you.

I brought along huge strawberries on steroids which I had dressed up as little Santa’s – I was afraid no one was going to know they were actually Santa’s as my sister had no idea what they were… but everyone knew straight away hoooray! It only took 10mins to make these – just whipped the cream (I added some peach liquor to the cream too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and painstakingly placed black sesame seeds as eyes with tweezers.

There was an abundance of food, some with a Christmas theme and some with Christmas colours and others were just plain tasty (my favourite was the greek beef meatballs)! They also held Sydney Food Bloggers Olympics and Kris Kringle.

I had an awesome day filling my belly, met a lot of friendly new people and came home with Boiley a microwavable egg boiler – thanks KK!
A big thank you to Helen from Grab Your Fork and Suze from ChocolateSuze who had co hosted and organized the shindig.

My army of Strawberry Santa’s

Christmas Tree Meringues by Jacq from Penguin says Feed Me

Chocolate Hazelnut Christmas Tree by Lisa Perkovic

Christmas Tree Marshmallows by Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes

These kind of look like holly right?? Made by Helen from Grab Your Fork

Pancakes with Chicken and Kimchi

Keftedes by Demos and sign by Gianna from The Empty Fridge

White Chocolate Wontons w/ pinenut and rosemary praline from He Needs Food

Macaron Christmas Tree by Cleony from I Eat Sweet

Sydney Food Bloggers Olympics

Chopstick Challenge transferring 50 soy beans from one bowl to the other

Taste Test challenge

Kris Kringle

photo credit Simon from The Heart of Food

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Naw don’t we have such a nice food blogging community here in Sydney ๐Ÿ™‚

China Doll

To celebrate Helen’s 24th birthday we took an unsuspecting Helen to Woolloomooloo Wharf for her birthday dinner and erm… made her guess out of six restaurants on the wharf which we had chosen for her birthday dinner. Poor Helen couldn’t win and didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so we let her on that we were taking her to China Doll (Woolloomooloo Wharf, Cowper Wharf Rd) but I think secretly she was hoping it would be Kingsley’s (next time babe!).  I was eager to try China Doll after recommendations from friends about the food and more importantly I heard the cocktails are amazing. The atmosphere was buzzing and it was a full house so we were seated outside along the wharf and though we didn’t feel the wind, we did have trouble seeing each other as they had forgotten to place candle lights on our table… which they promptly rectified as soon as we informed them.

After a few suggestions from our friendly waiter and hearing the specials on offer that night, we decided to opt out of the banquet menu and instead chose mostly signature dishes of 3 entrées and 4 mains from the a la carte menu hoping it would be enough to fill our bellies. We started the evening off with one of the specials; dozen oysters with a ginger and lime dressing which were divine and creamy. Followed by the sashimi of kingfish an ocean trout which uses sustainable produce and the kingfish is the "rolls royce" of kingfish from SA. I especially loved the blackened chilli dressing, very different to what I usually have sashimi with. Our third entree was yet another special on offer, the crispy wonton which encased a whole scallop!
Our first main served was the rich and numbing penang curry with melt in your mouth wagyu beef shin. The complexity of spices in the curry was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed every last drop thoroughly with my jasmine rice. The following mains were great too; the tea smoked duck was tender and our prawns were on steroids in our salt and pepper prawns. Finishing our mains off was my favourite dish of the night; the mind blowing delicious crispy pork belly. I couldn’t get enough of these tasty little morsels which were crispy and packed with flavour, I think I fell in love with this dish.
Not one to pass on dessert we ordered the large dessert platter which included a black rice pudding with ginger which isn’t my type of dessert, a trio of sorbet and ice cream and sago with passionfruit – I love love love sago!! I couldn’t resist so I also ordered the condensed milk tart as it wasn’t included in the dessert platter, and boy was I glad I ordered it. The crumbly tart oozed condensed milk which was like heaven, and I think I single handedly ate all the caramel peanut pieces scattered on the plate too ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Their cocktails were indeed amazing and I did fall in love with the crispy pork belly so I’d return to China Doll again, definitely when I’m feeling a little fancy. I must admit it was quite glamorous sipping on pretty cocktails and staring at the city skyline under the beautiful pinkish hue of the sky.

China Doll (Woolloomooloo Wharf, Cowper Wharf Rd
(they don’t only serve Chinese food, I spotted Japanese, Korean and Thai items on the menu too!)

Lick n’ Lychees

Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish & Ocean Trout w Blackened Chilli Dressing

Special Coffin Bay Oysters

Special Crispy Wonton with Scallop and Prawn

Signature Penang Curry of Braised Wagyu Beef Shin

Signature Tea Smoked Free range Thirlmere Duck w Tamarind & Plum

Sichuan Salt & Pepper Prawns w Chilli & Garlic

Signature Cripsy Pork Belly w Chilli Caramel & Nam Pla Phrik

Condensed Milk Tart

Dessert Platter –  Black Rice Pudding with Ginger, Coconut, Mango and Ginger gelato, Sago with Passionfruit

Happy birthday again lovely!! I know my present was a week late but I hope you LOVE it nonetheless! xx

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