Popping my Cafe Ish cherry

As the title suggests, I was a Cafe Ish (Campbell St, Surry Hills) virgin until last weekend when I finally made my first visit there for brunch as part of Crave SIFF.

It was a cold and dreary day so it was nice to head inside the bustling cafe, seated (right under the kitchen window). After checking out the menu, we decided that one I would get the SIFF brunch offering and mum would opt for something else on the menu – a decision we were super glad about because mum chose a dish which only featured on the menu since the Friday before (the waitress informed us that they change their menu seasonally every 2mths or so). The Crave SIFF brunch offering I had included a Breakfast Trifle, Crab Omelette and Wattle Maccacino for $25.

Our Wattle Maccacino came out decorated with a fern almost too pretty to ruin and a little piece of shortbread. The waitress informed us to taste first, before adding sugar as it’s sweeter than usual and more like a mocha and she was right because I didn’t need any sugar. The coffee was velvety smooth and the nutty sweetness was brought out of a blend of wattles and macadamia, pure bliss on such a gloomy day. My Breakfast Trifle of lush yoghurt, native berry compote and toasted house made muesli was just as delicious and comforting. The yoghurt was creamy and balanced well with the irresistible berry compote and the muesli was chewy just the way I like it and full of flavour. There was also a flower like bud which I had never seen before, a Rosella fruit, in the mix of the Breakfast Trifle which I absolutely loved for it’s unexpected crunchy texture. But the absolute highlight of brunch was my soft shell Crab Omelette with avocados, shallots and a ginger dressing. It was a massive portion with ripe chunky pieces of avocado and crispy soft shell crab so.freakin.tasty. I also found the side of watercrest a really nice touch. Best of all it wasn’t drenched in oil and I especially loved the ginger and lime dressing it came drizzled under. Mum’s two pieces of thick brioche resting atop assorted berries was refreshing and made her feel very healthy with all the berries and passionfruit. Hidden underneath the brioche also laid a dollop of lemon myrtle ricotta which was very different for our japanese tastebuds, but was surprisignly really tasty when slathered on the brioche. There was also a Rosella fruit hidden amongst the berries – I love this, it reminds me of eating an apple, a really pretty one.

Cafe Ish Signature Coffee Wattle Maccacino

Toasted brioche with lemon myrtle ricotta, sake scented Rosella, raspberries and passionfruit

Breakfast trifle of “lush yoghurt”, native berry compote, toasted house made muesli

Kara-age soft shell crab omelette with garlic, chilli, soy, ginger dressing, avocado, shallots and lime

Brunch at Cafe Ish was definately a great way to start the day, but I really do have to rave about the service, (especially after our not so great service experienced at other restaurants). The waitresses were all very friendly and focused; glasses of water were promptly brought out and when we were keen to peruse the dinner menu, the waitresses kindly brought them out for us and were very helpful in explaining different dishes on the menu. Oh and they even gave me a business card with their new address, new number and opening hrs, which I’ll probably need because I spotted FRIED MOCHI AND UME on the dinner menu oh my god, my favourite things! One more thing – remember your manners and make sure to ask the very friendly staff before you take pictures!

Cafe Ish on Urbanspoon

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