Baroque Bar Bistro Patisserie

The long weekend passed we headed up to Port Stephens to celebrate Angie’s birthday, but before that we also celebrated her birth date dinner at Baroque Bistro Bar Patisserie (88 George St, The Rocks). The restaurant is located inside a heritage building along Hickson road so you get a great view of the Harbour Bridge. The space is amazing with high ceilings, an open kitchen with an industrial feel with its concrete floors and visible piping but also somewhat rustic where bouquets of flowers were placed.

Lucky in securing a last minute booking, 4 of us were on time and seated, perusing the menu while waiting for the birthday girl. While waiting for the rest of the party we did endure some dirty looks from the waiter…and ordered shortly after the arrival of the rest of the party. We ordered entrees to share between couples and 5 mains since the birthday girl was not hungry from scoffing down a bag of chips prior. Having noticed this, the waiter abruptly and rather rudely told us there were only 5 mains when we were a party of 6 and continued to roll his eyes when we told him one main would be shared between two. He then took our menus, plonked them at reception and brought us a complimentary bowl of baguette slices with olive oil for dipping – in which there were only 5 slices of baguette which was kind of like a rude slap in the face for me when clearly there was 6 of us. However, as soon as the bowl was empty an attentive waitress refilled it with 7 pieces of bread this time. If it was a genuine mistake fine, but is rather unprofessional if it wasn’t – this really irked the bf.

My entree which I shared with the boy, Ballotine of spatchcok and puy lentilswas lovely with the berry? sauce and I especially loved the lentils, while the others had an entree of Ocean Trout where the plating was so so pretty. It was hard for me to decide my main as I wanted to try the more traditional Plats du Jour of Truite grenobloise but opted for the scallops and foie gras main. Glad about my decision because the foie gras was the best I’ve yet had and the scallops were huge and juicy. Bill of course chose the bavette steak which was cooked a little less than medium rare but came atop a mountain of fries.We also ordered sides of Creamy Paris Mash $9 [not pictured] which was deliciously smooth and Green Beans garlic butter $9 [not pictured] which were vibrant and crisp. I was most looking forward to the desserts because I LOVE La Rennaissance patisserie and desserts definitely did not disappoint. Helen had Vanilla crème brulée, pistachio ice cream $16 [not pictured], I remember the pistachio ice cream was delicious and I had the blood orange souffle which was light and fluffy as a cloud, a divine chocolate sorbet and I especially loved the rich blood orange chocolate cigar.
Though the display cakes and macarons look amazing, honestly I have no desire to dine here again – I can always get beautiful cakes and pastries at La Renaissance anyway right? or am I right? It’s a shame the brunch menu is so tempting and the location is really rather nice, but the fact that the service is terrible really puts me off. I don’t think I’ve had service this bad in a very very long time it wasn’t welcoming, he was arrogant, unfriendly and unprofessional. Basically he did not smile the whole night and did not want to serve us – actually he did smile once and chuckled when we only ordered two desserts since everyone else was full but we just thought he was being nicer as it was coming close to bill time aka tip time. The service was dismal and you wouldn’t expect it anywhere and it really ruined the night for me, though the food did not disappoint and desserts were definitely worth the wait.


Baroque Bistro Bar Patisserie

oOoo pretty

Entree of Ocean Trout
[fail I don’t have the name of this dish and didn’t take a photo of my entree Ballottine of spatchcock, puy lentils, burnt onion cassonade ]

Confit shoulder of Bangalow sweet pork, harissa, green peas à la française $29

Confit duck leg, grilled leeks, cucumber, bigarade sauce $29

Scallops, foie gras cream, paris mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke,
ecshallot gastrique, crisp bread $32

Steak, eschallot jus, frites $29

Blood orange soufflé, Valrhona chocolate sorbet $16


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7 thoughts on “Baroque Bar Bistro Patisserie

  1. It’s annoying

    It’s annoying when the foods are good but the service is bad 😦
    I’ve dined there few times now and I agree, the service is hit and miss, which is a pity.

  2. What a shame about the service, as that is almost as important as the food. I haven’t dined here yet but the desserts were excellent and the service pretty efficient.

  3. Baroque

    Shame for the individual restaurants too when wait staff dont do their jobs and left the place down. Have eaten many times at Baroque and love the food especially the souffles and macarons. Myself have not experienced any problems with service but hope they can sort out these staff problems.

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