Chefs Gallery

So about a month ago after a coffee session at Tom n Tom, I noticed that the Malaysian? restaurant next door had disappeared and was replaced by a Din Tai Fung looking restaurant complete with kitchen gallery housing chefs expertly making handmade noodles – hence the name Chefs Gallery (Bathurst Street, Regent Place).

Not wanting to wait in a massive queue like at DIn Tai Fung, Bill had booked us a table at 630 (Note: they don’t take bookings after 6:30, so  you’ll have to have an early dinner or join the queue which starts to form at 7ish) . We were also joined by Jase and Helen, who was in dire need of Chinese food after her European tour and so it was here at Chefs Gallery where we caught up with Helen about the happenings over the past month.

The atmosphere at Chefs Gallery feels very much like Din Tai Fung with waiters constantly talking to their headsets and very attentive staff who placed a protector over his Jase’s jacket once he had hung it on the back of his chair. A difference could be that the restaurant is decorated with small Chinese artifact displays rather than steam baskets XP. Whilst browsing the menu you can’t help but watch the chefs repeatedly folding and stretching strands of noodles so of course we had to order some la mian (handmade noodles) and most of the other dishes we chose were the Signature dishes. Of course we also had to order some dumplings, however, although we were dining at 6:30 they had already run out of pork dumplings so we instead ordered pan fried pork buns which they advised would be a 20min wait.

We started off with an appetizer Pork Belly roll. I don’t usually like blanched fatty meats but this was delcious filled with crunchy vegetables, I especially loved the dressing. 
Though we were off to a good start, the next few signature dishes were disappointing – our Prawn Dumplings which were ordinary and Chefs own golden Snowflake Chicken (I think the name was too fancy here where we were just expecting something spectacular) , but the noodles were served in a pumpkin soup which was very strange to eat but nice nonetheless. We also ordered a dry noodle Zha Jiang Noodle.
Feeling quite disappointed, the Chefs Gallery redeemed itself with the last few dishes. Another signature dish Chefs own handmade egg tofu was absolutely divine!! The egg tofu was silky yet firm and the preserved vegetables it was served with made it very appetizing. And the 20mins extra we waited for the Pork Buns were well worth it – they came out very lightly panfried, perfectly smooth and round and amazingly non greasy like the ones you usually get!!!
They have a pretty extensive dessert menu divided by hot or cold desserts, so we finished the night off with dessert Piggy Buns – I just had to have these since I missed out when I was in Hong Kong. They were way too cute to eat!! filled with smooth black sesame paste. Will definitely be back for the Pork Buns and also to try the other desserts like the Pumpkin filled with lotus paste :9.

Chefs Gallery


Signature dish – Pork Belly roll
Thinly sliced blanched pork belly rolled with carrot, cucumber, topped with a garlic and oil free vinaigrette dressing

Signature dish – Xia Jiao
Prawn dumplings steamed in a fine clear pastry

Signature dish – Chefs own golden snowflake chicken
Lightly crumbed chicken fillet, very crispy, tender and moist served with noodles in a pumpkin soup
unfortunately an underwhelming dish ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 

Zha Jiang Noodle
handmade noodles with finely minced pork, dried bean curd and soya bean sauce

Signature dish – Chefs own handmade egg tofu lightly pan fried, topped with preserved vegetables

Signature dish – Jian Bao Zi
Lightly pan fried pork buns
DELICIOUS AND CLEAN I don’t think I can go back to eating the overly greasy jian bao zi anymore

Signature Dish – Steamed sesame ‘piggy face’ bun
omgg so cuteee and fluffy!!!

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