Pappa Roti it was like eating a cloud…

One day a silly boy made a silly bet and was left $50 poorer. That boy is Bill.
While overseas we had missed our friends opening of Pappa Roti (which also meant we missed out on a free 2nd bun with any purchase), so I nagged Bill to take me to eat their signature buns – here is when Bill told me there’s more than just ONE bun… so we made a bet and I won XD

Pappa Roti (Railway Parade, Kogarah)
is the first outlet in Australia (and not the last outlet) and thank god it’s so close because their buns are really tasty. We skipped over there one lazy Saturday afternoon ordered a Cappuccino and watched them carefully pipe coffee cream onto the buns while Bill chatted away with Simon from Pappa Roti. It was about 10mins later sweet coffee aroma started to waft around the room and we received our freshly baked buns straight out of the oven – and it was like eating a cloud!! The bun was oh so fluffy and sweet… but the best bit was when you get to the middle there’s a cube of melted butter!! I love butter – you know that bit in Bride Wars where she joins the Butter club and eats sticks of butter from around the world – that would be me.

I was in heaven the bun was perfectly sweet and salty and crispy. It’s definitely better freshly baked, but it doesn’t hurt to buy some extra and heat them up in the oven later! I had another one for breakfast…

Pappa Roti
(Even though we missed the opening special deal, I actually ended up receiving a free buns – because when you buy 9 you get the 10th free muaha)
Afternoon pick me up
Piping away and for all pedestrians to see

This guy still owes me…
… and this guy was not impressed

Pappa Roti Signature Buns – fresh out of the oven and seriously tasty!!

Crispy golden brown buns on the outside while light and fluffy in the inside. The fragrant coffee-cream-coated bun with its buttery filling is best eaten piping hot and freshly baked!