Cooking MAMA! 2

Back from playing house with the bf which was fun – I cooked, he vacuumed, I washed up, he did the laundry and made my bath and made the bed and most importantly made me tea XD

Twice Helen and Jase came over and it was so so so much fun cooking for them and um having Nerf wars XDD
One night Bill wanted to host a Pizza party where he had prepared a "buffet" style table with Pepperoni, Pineapples, Crispy Bacon, Red Capsicum, Roma Tomatoes, Cheese and Teriyaki Chicken – this is Bills type of "cooking". Helen also made her Signature Egg Noodles with Egg in Oyster Sauce.
Prior to that we had a homemade gyoza party and I think we went through close to 100 gyozas and 4 salads between the four of us. The gyoza’s were homemade and we also had  ra-yu gyoza’s too which were PINK – they’re just normal gyoza filling but wrapped in a skin which has been infused with ra-yu (Japanese chilli oil).


I love love love gyoza’s
I could eat them everyday

A few of our eats in the past week…
Ruby Red Grapefruit for breakfast
Garlic Mushrooms and Roasted Tomato on a Toasted Rustic Farmer’s Loaf (from Luneburger)

Homemade Bruschetta Entree
Meat and Three Veg
Rib Eye Fillet, Green Beans and Chilli Tomato
Garlic Butter Kipfler Potatoes
Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie made with last night’s leftovers

Now I’m back to the rents spoiling and feeding me. Tonight we’re having sashimi :9

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