Valentine’s Day Wining and Dining

Oh man, I’m on a blogging roll…
On the very gloomy Valentine’s Day we wined and dined at Ripples Sydney Wharf (Pirama Road, Pyrmont) for a three course lunch. Now Ripples only have the Chef’s Table and outdoor seating, but luckily they have a marquee so you don’t get wet even though it was only sprinkling at times annnd the view was still pretty niceee. I was in unfamiliar territory as I haven’t really eaten around here before, usually I head towards the cafes on Harris St like Concrete Cafe or Milk and Two (what’s it called now?) but it was just on the wharf.

Anyways the food was really really good, there were actually a few things I wanted to eat for each course so we’ll definitely have to come back XP (for entree I want the seared scallops and for the main I’d like the crab and vongole spaghettini please) I think my entree was so good it was hard to follow it up but they did with the petit peas bonne femme – omg I absolutely loved this, so comforting like home food!! They also did the oyster exactly the way I like them – sour=appetising for me. But most of all I was impressed with the service, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and everybody was so nice, honest and knew their shiet ๐Ÿ™‚

Now ever since I’ve gotten the D90, Bill has been more keen to take photos and play around with the camera, and is willing to learn about the settings… I guess it’s natual since he bought it (he also bought me a lens for Valentine’s) so we actually took turns taking photos… he took photos of my food and I took photos of his ๐Ÿ™‚ (he’s also been bugging me to post them up so he can check out his handy work).

Warm Cantina Bread & Baguette with Tapenade and Pesto Butter
Bill preferred the pesto and I the olive tapenade
Yamba Prawn Tart with creamed leek, feta cheese and tomato salsa
Sydney Rock Oysters with mignonette dressing
It was so cool how the lemon had the net so you wouldn’t get the seeds and pips ๐Ÿ™‚
Roast Barramundi Fillet on chive gnocchi, petit peas bonne femme with lardons
(lardons are the strips of pork on top of the barramundi)
No that’s not an egg… it’s an onion
Char Grilled Beef Tenderloins, Creamed Spinach with truffled pomme dauphinoise, beef short rib ragout
so tender
French Fries with sea salt
Mesclun Salad, fine herbs with french dressing
Burnt Lemon Tart, lemon curd bombe alaska and macadamia toffee
SO GOOD! I loved the toffee and the lemon tart and the lemon curd inside the Bombe Alaska
(I’m not a fan of meringue so Bill ate most of that)
Ripples Peach Melba, Raspberry and Vanilla ice cream with caramelised poached peach
The peach was perfect!
Haigh’s Truffles from Bill’s family which they bought when they went to Adelaide recently

Ripples Sydney Wharf on Urbanspoon

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