I’m no Anna the Red… obentou

Excited!! Mum bought Yummy! 3Step Breakfast cook book today so I’m looking forward to eating different breakfasts everyday now!! Usually it’s yogurt and muesli and Orange Pekoe tea I drink on the way to work. Hopefully I’ll be more inspired to cook breakfast too since these breakfasts in the book take 3-10mins max XP Interesting fact… Yummy is a shufu-to-sekiatsusha translating to.. she was a house wife who had a food blog and is now making a living from it!!

Anyhoo I don’t have any related photos to post up and my post will look abit sad without any photos.. so I’ll post up some photos of my obentou I’ve had a work. (Took these on my iphone and no processing so the quality is not that great).

Double decker lunch box wahoo
My favourite rice takikomi
Sweet and Sour pork that didn’t cost me $8 from the food court
  Garden inspired lunch
Chirashi Sushi
Katsu-don with Sesame Beans, Watercress and Cherry Tomatoes
Chicken Tsukune
Spring Rolls and Omelette and Broccoli

10 thoughts on “I’m no Anna the Red… obentou

  1. Lol It’s so typically Japanese ๐Ÿ™‚ Presentation of preparation is always so nice. Do your colleagues comment on it?

    And what’s the queer looking sausage thing?

    • haha yeh it is Japanese. Honestly sometimes I’m embarrassed when my colleagues comment on it!

      What sausage?!? The spring roll?? The character??

      • The long thing in the first, second, and third photo with the cartoons on it. At first I thought it was a plastic bit for the box but I can’t see where it would fit, so the second thing it looked to be like was a sausage!

        I’m guessing I’m probably wrong ๐Ÿ˜›

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