Nelson Bay II (I’m still peeling to this day)

We started every other morning off with a cup of Nespresso coffe and a complimentary breakfast and the paper – and boy was the breakfast good. Bill never eats muesli so this opened his eyes to delicious healthy eating… though he complains muesli is so much more expensive compared to his usual sugary cereals.

We also managed to squeeze in parasailing from Port Stephens marina and saw some dolphins in the bay. It was so much fun! It was a bit scary at first but then when you’re flying in the air, it’s so fricken cool. They also let us slowly free fall and dipped us into the water, then accelerating hard to lift us heavies back into the air. After an hour on the boat, I came back with the worst shorts tan from wearing the harness ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Before heading back we wandered around the town centre and picked up some pies from Red Ned’s Gourmet Pies (Stockon St, Nelson Bay). They had so so so many pies on display and they were the most OTT pies I’ve ever seen, so amazing with half an onion on top of mash on top of a steak pie, a Mexican pie with a nacho chip base and one which was decorated with cherry tomatoes. They also have crazy pies like kanagaroo, ostrich and crocodile! But we kept it simple and brought hom Japanese Wagyu Steak Pie, Chunky Pepper Steak and for me a Lobster, Prawns and Barramundi pie which had this amazing creamy sauce (leeks,ginger, coconut cream).

Breakfast of Champions??
Crunchy muesli with fruit, which we mixed with the Traditional Plain Yoghurt and followed it up with the Fruits (strawberries, rockmelon, passionfruit and mango) We kept the Raspberry and Chocolate muffin to eat later in the afternoon.
The beach was perfect and the water was so so clear!
A quick bite to eat before parasailing.
(see how fail he is at cutting bread)
oh yeh, basically this is the only thing Bill knows how to make at this point in time, and will make this when I ask him to make me some food. So before we headed up to Nelson Bay we bought a loaf of Farmer’s Vesper from Luneburger. Simply just Pastrami, Rocket, Cheese and maybe some Pesto if I feel like it.
Moving away from the marina…
…to go parasailing weeee
Snack time – Japanese Wagyu Steak Pie
This was delicious!!! The pastry was buttery and flakey and there were huge chunks of tasty steak and the sprinling of nori on top complemented the meat!
Now we have Biils specialty Mediterranean styleees
Toasted Farmer’s Vesper topped with Vintage Cheese, Rocket, Grilled Capsicum and Chargrilled Eggplant