On Friday my carnivorous family celebrated my birthday at Chophouse… (not many photos of meat because it was dark and tend to lookalike, so I took photos of the desserts instead XD ) BUT my sister loved her Glazed Beef Short Rib with house-made BBQ Sauce (350g) and bro ate all of his Dry Aged Delmonico with chutney and jus while Mum and I had our Minute Steak of Black Angus with cafe de paris butter.

well my family plus one who’s been slowly creeping into our house

Massive Grain Fed 600g T-bone with chutney and jus
Riverine District NSW Angus-Hereford cross 150 days grain-fed

Sides Cauliflower Gratin, Shoestring Fries and Seasonal Green Beans

Bomb Alaska

Chocolate Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet and Burnt Honey Sorbet with honeycomb and Chocolate Sauce

Fig something something

Elsa Peretti Open Heart Lariat <3333


So finishing my posts before the New Year failed terribly… have a good reason, I had a fever two days before NYE and was bedridden XP Anyhoo back on schedule…

I know I said I didnt feel like celebrating my birthday much but I ended up celebrating it over a week, Bill dubbed it “Golden Week” and even drew me a card incorporating all the things we did during the week.

Golden Week kicked off on the Wednesday my mum took me to see Wicked The Musical again, Row D baybeee and smack bang in the middle so so good, and bought me the Soundtrack too X))

On the Thursday Bill took me to Yoshii for dinner and it was amaaaazzziinnnnng, everything was so so good. Can’t wait to go back there again, definately one of my favourite restauarants. Bill had the Yoshii course and I had the Saqura course so our dishes were slightly different. Highly highly highly recommend going there, the food is simple but paired so well together and is simply stunnnninnnng.

Saqura and Yoshii Course
Kingfish Sashimi marinated Wasabi Oil
Duck Foie Gras and Kelp Seaweed “Tsukudani”
Ocean Trout wrapped Daikon with vinegar miso
Deep fried Crystal Bay Prawn mince covered with Potato

Yoshii Course
Blue Swimmer Crab and mango marinated in Japanese vinegar

inside this inedible bread is the most stunning dish everrr I could eat 3 servings of this

Saqura Course
Oven baked Abalone infused in natural juices, sake and soy

Yoshii Course
Sea Urchin Egg cup
(their signature dish and boy was it good, I LOVE egg and this was so so satisfying I stole this dish off Bill so he had one dish less but it’s my birthday)

Saqura Course
Steamed Spanner Crab Mousse and Shiitake served with Edamame paste and dashi

Yoshii Course
Deep Fried Tooth Fish Tempura citrus pepper flavour

Palette cleanser for after the Tempura

Saqura Course
Pan fried duck breast “Jibuni” style port wine flavour

Saqura and Yoshii Course
Lemon Grass Sorbet
A tad strong but very refreshing, it was sort of a granita with champagne

oh haiiii there’s Yoshii sama making my sushiiis

Daily Fresh Selected Sushi
The best sushi I’ve ever had with every sort of sashimi :9 I especially loved the little pearls of daikon oroshii, ume and ginger
(The Yoshii course had two plates of sashimi sushi)

Yoshii Course
Grilled Smoked Quail served with Garam Masala flavoured soy sauce and quail jus
definately needed more quail, it’s way too good to only eat this much

Saqura Course
Black cod marinated in White Miso

Happy Birthday to me

the strawberry was so purrrdy

Special Dessert Platter to share which the waitress forgot to tell us what is what…
Red Bean Fondant, Ice cream with Amasake, PEELED grapes and Mascapone covered in black sesame

Thanks babe, but please take me back XD pretty please please please please

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