Bye Bye Nelson Bay

The rest of the time here was either spent lazing about on the beach or at the pool or occaisionally inside watching Foxtel. On the last day we ate out at The Rock Lobster (d’Albora Marina, Nelson Bay) and the cold seafood platter was so fresh and tasty, much better than the Fisherman’s Wharf we ate out at a few days earlier in terms of cold food.

Um, that’s it for now cause I have a bootcamp class to attend to.. yeh I know and it’s Australia Day too!!

Cold Seafood Platter
King Prawns, Blue Swimmer Crab, Oysters and Salmon
Entree Scallops with Garlic Butter ?
Zonked out on the couch – omg their bathrobes were to dieee forr
Lucky for me Bill did everything – the cleaning, the cooking, the packing :))
Thanks baby for the amazing trip :))))) I needed some R&R

Nelson Bay II (I’m still peeling to this day)

We started every other morning off with a cup of Nespresso coffe and a complimentary breakfast and the paper – and boy was the breakfast good. Bill never eats muesli so this opened his eyes to delicious healthy eating… though he complains muesli is so much more expensive compared to his usual sugary cereals.

We also managed to squeeze in parasailing from Port Stephens marina and saw some dolphins in the bay. It was so much fun! It was a bit scary at first but then when you’re flying in the air, it’s so fricken cool. They also let us slowly free fall and dipped us into the water, then accelerating hard to lift us heavies back into the air. After an hour on the boat, I came back with the worst shorts tan from wearing the harness 😦

Before heading back we wandered around the town centre and picked up some pies from Red Ned’s Gourmet Pies (Stockon St, Nelson Bay). They had so so so many pies on display and they were the most OTT pies I’ve ever seen, so amazing with half an onion on top of mash on top of a steak pie, a Mexican pie with a nacho chip base and one which was decorated with cherry tomatoes. They also have crazy pies like kanagaroo, ostrich and crocodile! But we kept it simple and brought hom Japanese Wagyu Steak Pie, Chunky Pepper Steak and for me a Lobster, Prawns and Barramundi pie which had this amazing creamy sauce (leeks,ginger, coconut cream).

Breakfast of Champions??
Crunchy muesli with fruit, which we mixed with the Traditional Plain Yoghurt and followed it up with the Fruits (strawberries, rockmelon, passionfruit and mango) We kept the Raspberry and Chocolate muffin to eat later in the afternoon.
The beach was perfect and the water was so so clear!
A quick bite to eat before parasailing.
(see how fail he is at cutting bread)
oh yeh, basically this is the only thing Bill knows how to make at this point in time, and will make this when I ask him to make me some food. So before we headed up to Nelson Bay we bought a loaf of Farmer’s Vesper from Luneburger. Simply just Pastrami, Rocket, Cheese and maybe some Pesto if I feel like it.
Moving away from the marina…
…to go parasailing weeee
Snack time – Japanese Wagyu Steak Pie
This was delicious!!! The pastry was buttery and flakey and there were huge chunks of tasty steak and the sprinling of nori on top complemented the meat!
Now we have Biils specialty Mediterranean styleees
Toasted Farmer’s Vesper topped with Vintage Cheese, Rocket, Grilled Capsicum and Chargrilled Eggplant

Nelson Bay

This is the amazing start to the New Year I’ve had, with the bf surprising me with a romantic getaway to Nelson Bay at a 5 star resort <333
I’ve been complaining for a while now that I haven’t been to a beach in two summers, partly because last summer 08-09 I had a broken foot and was confined to the house but also because I’m working full time and the weather has been pretty crappy on the weekends that I AM free. So I guess my whinging and whining paid off :)))

Nelson Bay is only a 3hours drive away from Sydney so though we’re not traveling too far it’s still a nice little holiday. We were blessed with perfect weather.. may have been a little too hot with temps at like 30degrees+, but our place had aircon AND foxtel woohoo XP After settling into our suite we went down to the pool which was a warm 28degrees due to the sun! When we got back I realised I already had a tan line though I slathered on the sunscreen 😦

The weather is absolutely friggin fantastic!!!
Very very very spacious for just the two of us…. but who’s complaining
the kitchen decked out with Miele appliances
*faints* a Nespresso coffee maker <333
Ensuite (I’m taking this photo from inside the bath tub XP)
*faints again* Loccitane products!!
Private pool and spa
this pool is seriously deep…
In the shallow area I need to stand on tippy toes to have my head out of the water
In the deep area when I stand on the pool floor and stretch my arms up… my fingertips don’t reach the surface
HALF hour later… I had a tan
Later that evening we "strolled" down to the town centre walking along the Marina and grabbed a "pre-dinner snack" at Bub’s Famous Fish and Chips (1 Teramby Road, Nelson Bay). I know every single fish and chip shop have their "Famous Fish and Chips" but believe me this place was really really good! The fish was actually fresh and the calamari rings was so soft and tender and their chips were LIGHT. Even better, the Fisherman’s Basket we ordered wasn’t overly greasy!!! For our actual dinner though we went next door to Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant which is actually the restaurant part of Bub’s Famous Fish and Chips which is the takeaway part, and there’s also a Fish Market associated too. The restaurant was good and the cold prawns, crab and oysters were a nice change from the deep-fried snack we had earlier… but I actually would have preferred to eat more Fish and Chips from Bub’s XP
Seafood Platter for one
Natural Oysters, Blue Swimmer Crab, Prawns, Fried King Prawns, Salt and Pepper Squid and Fish Cocktails
Yamba Prawns and Scallops with Avocado Salad
The boy brought this while I was in the bath… he’s an idiot but makes me smile 🙂
Relaxing outside in the warm summer on the balcony

NYE – you give me love love love love, crazy love

Oh my, it’s already the 17th January 2010 … so hope you all had a very Happy New Year wherever you were! Me, I spent it with the besties at Doltone House in Pyrmont. Initially I had wanted to camp out at vantage points but boo for work on NYE so we chose the easier option of wining and dining XP

No food photos because the lighting sucked :(( but what I can give you is a rundown of the menu …

Italian Style Gourmet Antipasto
Seafood Platter
Pacific Oysters-Natural & Champagne Vinaigrette Platter and Garlic Prawns
Penne Alla Siciliana
Main (alternate serve)
Chargrilled Beef Filled with pomme puree, king brown mushrooms, buttered julienne snowpeas and red wine jus
Oven roasted Ocean Trout on garlic scented potato mash with baby green beans, cherry trussed tomatoes and caperberry beurre blanc

Dessert Symphony
Strawberry Ricotta Crepe, White Chocolate Panna Cotta and Espresso Coffee Bombe

So we did the eating and the drinking…
the Pigrush-ing…
Random camwhoring…
Random stupid acts…
the dancing…
and the posing…

All before the New Year Fireworks
Last photo of 2009
Pretty heart shaped fireworks

bang bang bang bang
Happy New Year !!
To a healthy, wealthy new year… with lots more posts to come!


On my ACTUAL birthday we headed down to Jazushi in Surry Hills where Susan Gai Dowling was performing for an “intimate” dinner with close friends <3.

The atmosphere at Jazushi was lovely the waitstaff were so kind, the place so relaxing and the food was enjoyable too… I did get stressed by the sheer amount of time they sang Happy Birthday to me though. Oh BTW we did order other foods Scallops, Beef Tataki, Sashimi Salad, Black Sesame Ice Cream, Green Tea Ice Cream and omg they served a really divine Creme Brulee (I just didn’t take photos of them…apologies I was busy) .


Ze men in attendance

and the foooood…
Natural Oyster with Ponzu Sauce
best fricken oysters I’ve had in a while they were so tasty and juicy and plump oh gawd

Camembert Tempura
artery clogging goodness that I’m going to try and recreate at homee

Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Miso Tomato Sauce

Seared Sushi Set

Jazushi Fresh Combo
Sushi and Sashimi with Grilled Oysters

Kakuni Kurobuta Pork Belly

The sparkle fizzed out

after dinner KARAOKE

having too much fun

with my gurrrl Annie

other gurrrrl Lalisa

Karen Walker Jewellery from Annie and Lina
esp. LOVED the card!! – so daymn cute you guys!!

Totally spoiled by Angie ❤

The LAST ONE in Sydney yo!

The prettiest card!! Handmade, beaded AND mermaids!! and from all the way in Katoomba
know me too well

Tiffany and Co Key Pendant from Helen <333

and then we all did the clubbing!

and that concludes my birthday posts XD

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On Friday my carnivorous family celebrated my birthday at Chophouse… (not many photos of meat because it was dark and tend to lookalike, so I took photos of the desserts instead XD ) BUT my sister loved her Glazed Beef Short Rib with house-made BBQ Sauce (350g) and bro ate all of his Dry Aged Delmonico with chutney and jus while Mum and I had our Minute Steak of Black Angus with cafe de paris butter.

well my family plus one who’s been slowly creeping into our house

Massive Grain Fed 600g T-bone with chutney and jus
Riverine District NSW Angus-Hereford cross 150 days grain-fed

Sides Cauliflower Gratin, Shoestring Fries and Seasonal Green Beans

Bomb Alaska

Chocolate Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet and Burnt Honey Sorbet with honeycomb and Chocolate Sauce

Fig something something

Elsa Peretti Open Heart Lariat <3333


So finishing my posts before the New Year failed terribly… have a good reason, I had a fever two days before NYE and was bedridden XP Anyhoo back on schedule…

I know I said I didnt feel like celebrating my birthday much but I ended up celebrating it over a week, Bill dubbed it “Golden Week” and even drew me a card incorporating all the things we did during the week.

Golden Week kicked off on the Wednesday my mum took me to see Wicked The Musical again, Row D baybeee and smack bang in the middle so so good, and bought me the Soundtrack too X))

On the Thursday Bill took me to Yoshii for dinner and it was amaaaazzziinnnnng, everything was so so good. Can’t wait to go back there again, definately one of my favourite restauarants. Bill had the Yoshii course and I had the Saqura course so our dishes were slightly different. Highly highly highly recommend going there, the food is simple but paired so well together and is simply stunnnninnnng.

Saqura and Yoshii Course
Kingfish Sashimi marinated Wasabi Oil
Duck Foie Gras and Kelp Seaweed “Tsukudani”
Ocean Trout wrapped Daikon with vinegar miso
Deep fried Crystal Bay Prawn mince covered with Potato

Yoshii Course
Blue Swimmer Crab and mango marinated in Japanese vinegar

inside this inedible bread is the most stunning dish everrr I could eat 3 servings of this

Saqura Course
Oven baked Abalone infused in natural juices, sake and soy

Yoshii Course
Sea Urchin Egg cup
(their signature dish and boy was it good, I LOVE egg and this was so so satisfying I stole this dish off Bill so he had one dish less but it’s my birthday)

Saqura Course
Steamed Spanner Crab Mousse and Shiitake served with Edamame paste and dashi

Yoshii Course
Deep Fried Tooth Fish Tempura citrus pepper flavour

Palette cleanser for after the Tempura

Saqura Course
Pan fried duck breast “Jibuni” style port wine flavour

Saqura and Yoshii Course
Lemon Grass Sorbet
A tad strong but very refreshing, it was sort of a granita with champagne

oh haiiii there’s Yoshii sama making my sushiiis

Daily Fresh Selected Sushi
The best sushi I’ve ever had with every sort of sashimi :9 I especially loved the little pearls of daikon oroshii, ume and ginger
(The Yoshii course had two plates of sashimi sushi)

Yoshii Course
Grilled Smoked Quail served with Garam Masala flavoured soy sauce and quail jus
definately needed more quail, it’s way too good to only eat this much

Saqura Course
Black cod marinated in White Miso

Happy Birthday to me

the strawberry was so purrrdy

Special Dessert Platter to share which the waitress forgot to tell us what is what…
Red Bean Fondant, Ice cream with Amasake, PEELED grapes and Mascapone covered in black sesame

Thanks babe, but please take me back XD pretty please please please please

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