Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place

You know Christmas is near when the Christmas tree at QVB is up!

This year I think they’ve changed the crystals… aren’t they usually huge baubles ?
Christmas at Starbucks

But before Christmas is MY BIRTHDAY woo hoo though I’m not very excited about it this year.. even though I really should be. Bill HAS pointed out I’ll be celebrating my birthday everday for nearly a week!! Hopefully the excitement kicks in soon… I love my birthday XPBut even before my birthday was Melon’s birthday!! And to find her the perfect presents Angie and I went on a date. Usually when Angie and I go on our shopping dates we tend to spend abit too much money on ourselves, however this day we didn’t spend ANY money on ourselves… thus we justified a really really good dinner to treat ourselves. So we ended up in Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place.

Oh baby, it was so romantic we ordered wine and had a piano man playing romantic music for us and taking requests too! This place has the best pasta I’ve ever had in Sydney and it’s so obvious they use the freshest ingredients. omg so freaking delicious! The seafood absolutely fresh like they just picked it from the harbour and the pasta were cooked to perfection. I just want to take everybody there and let them enjoy it too!

Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place

Wines and our starter of Bruschetta

Entree – Grilled Calamari

Scampi Linguine

Lobster Angel Hair Pasta

More Christmas decorations?
This is my favourite display at the David Jones Christmas windows… it’s so cute and adorable! The rest of the windows were freaky.

haha check out the potatoes
love you babe! and our shopping dates

Alfredo Authentic Italian on Urbanspoon

One thought on “Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place

  1. Ohh yum!!! I went to Alfredo’s for my x months with Tungy (I forgot which month, lol) Their mushroom risotto is to DIEEE FOR! I think we were sitting at the same table too, judging from your photo ๐Ÿ˜€

    Don’t be modest Ayana, celebrate your birthday with a BIG BANG :)))

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