Adriano Zumbo

Hi all, some of you may have realised I have not blogged in FOREVER… I feel as though I don’t have enough hours in the day to eat, sleep and work let alone blog ๐Ÿ˜ฆ How do you all do it? There are times when I really want to blog and let things out but then when I get to the computer I’m too tired…and I realised I haven’t been taking many photos… probably because the girls have better cameras now and it’s just easier to scab photos of them later XP

Anyhoo I’ll just post up some pretty photos

Nearly a whole month ago at Adriano Zumbo’s Macaron Day to celebrate his birthday

Black Truffle Macaron $10
(you could actually taste the mushroom taste)

So CUTE – Chupa Chup Macaron
in the centre there were poprocks inside! so fun LOVED IT

over 50 flavours – some really unusual ones like Cheeseburger, Popcorn and Blueberry&Goats Cheese just to name a few.
I loved the Chupa Chup and the Popcorn and the Peanut Butter and … a whole lot of other ones too
Must go back next weekend, I really want to try ‘Clancy, the rains are coming‘here are a couple of the stranger macarons…

Cheseburger – look at the detail of the bun!!

Popcorn – I quite liked this!!

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