We ran out of wrapping paper to wrap the Christmas presents last week so what did we do when we run out of wrapping paper…

RECYCLE and use a Starbucks Christmas Carry bag to wrap the presents and use the handles to make a bow !!
Bet you didn’t guess it was a Starbucks bag

Restaurat Balzac

I have such a huge blog backlog that goes back to like July… oops. And once again I’m gonna blame it on work and being too tired when I get home XP So I decided to try and cram everything into a few posts over the next few days so I can start the new year with a clean blog slate and hopefully I can keep up next year XP

Word of warning… there’s probably going to be ALOT of photos moreso than words.
OKAY let’s do this… I’m going to start at the most recent

In my family we don’t celebrate Christmas with a huge Christmas dinner with the turkey and all the trimmings.. what we do DO is exchange presents and spend the whole day at home with the family and eating leftovers :)) So in a bid to experience the “western” type of Christmas dinner and to spoil my mum abit, we dined at Restaurant Balzac for their 9 course Degustation Dinner.

Very $$$$$ and I feel like we didn’t get as much as we paid for but still pretty good. I’m afraid their oyster was really sandy and it grinded against my teeth leaving my mouth gritty and gross and the pannacotta for dessert hadn’t set properly so was really just like eggnog. Perhaps I should have tried their seasonal degustation instead of the Christmas degustation. My favourite dish was the Ravioli with the Scallops and Prawn so so delicious and the prawn was fresh and plump!! Also the Pork Crackling was divineee, definately needed some more of that!!

Coffin Bay Oyster with Lobster Gelee and Caviar

Roast Organic Turkey Consomme with Cranberries and “stuffing”

Citrus Cured Petuna Ocean Trout with Pink Grapefruit

Ravioli of Scallops and Yamba Prawns with Wild Marsh Samphire

Suckling Pig with Pressed Honey Glazed Ham and Soused Baby Carrots

Rib of Dry Aged 200 Day Grain Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef with Oxtail Jus and Truffled Asparagus

Side of Vegies

Eggnog Pannacotta with Mulled Wine

Christmas Pudding Souffle with Brandy Milk and Poached Cherries

Spiced Orange Truffles with Candied Chestnuts

Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place

You know Christmas is near when the Christmas tree at QVB is up!

This year I think they’ve changed the crystals… aren’t they usually huge baubles ?
Christmas at Starbucks

But before Christmas is MY BIRTHDAY woo hoo though I’m not very excited about it this year.. even though I really should be. Bill HAS pointed out I’ll be celebrating my birthday everday for nearly a week!! Hopefully the excitement kicks in soon… I love my birthday XPBut even before my birthday was Melon’s birthday!! And to find her the perfect presents Angie and I went on a date. Usually when Angie and I go on our shopping dates we tend to spend abit too much money on ourselves, however this day we didn’t spend ANY money on ourselves… thus we justified a really really good dinner to treat ourselves. So we ended up in Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place.

Oh baby, it was so romantic we ordered wine and had a piano man playing romantic music for us and taking requests too! This place has the best pasta I’ve ever had in Sydney and it’s so obvious they use the freshest ingredients. omg so freaking delicious! The seafood absolutely fresh like they just picked it from the harbour and the pasta were cooked to perfection. I just want to take everybody there and let them enjoy it too!

Alfredo’s at Bulletin Place

Wines and our starter of Bruschetta

Entree – Grilled Calamari

Scampi Linguine

Lobster Angel Hair Pasta

More Christmas decorations?
This is my favourite display at the David Jones Christmas windows… it’s so cute and adorable! The rest of the windows were freaky.

haha check out the potatoes
love you babe! and our shopping dates

Alfredo Authentic Italian on Urbanspoon

Adriano Zumbo

Hi all, some of you may have realised I have not blogged in FOREVER… I feel as though I don’t have enough hours in the day to eat, sleep and work let alone blog 😦 How do you all do it? There are times when I really want to blog and let things out but then when I get to the computer I’m too tired…and I realised I haven’t been taking many photos… probably because the girls have better cameras now and it’s just easier to scab photos of them later XP

Anyhoo I’ll just post up some pretty photos

Nearly a whole month ago at Adriano Zumbo’s Macaron Day to celebrate his birthday

Black Truffle Macaron $10
(you could actually taste the mushroom taste)

So CUTE – Chupa Chup Macaron
in the centre there were poprocks inside! so fun LOVED IT

over 50 flavours – some really unusual ones like Cheeseburger, Popcorn and Blueberry&Goats Cheese just to name a few.
I loved the Chupa Chup and the Popcorn and the Peanut Butter and … a whole lot of other ones too
Must go back next weekend, I really want to try ‘Clancy, the rains are coming‘here are a couple of the stranger macarons…

Cheseburger – look at the detail of the bun!!

Popcorn – I quite liked this!!