Night Noodle Markets & Sugar Hit at Glass Brasserie

SIFF 2009 is officially over which is a shame because I didn’t get to do many things this year with working full time and Bill busy Tuesday nights so we weren’t able to book a Hats Off dinner or arrange to do a Let’s Do Lunch. Oh well, we did however have a Sugar Hit at Glass Brasserie at The Hilton and had dinner at The Night Noodle Markets with the girls.

The Night Noodle Markets is like the Easter Show… you know its the same every year… you know its expensive… you know its a novelty… but you still go XP It was still fun though, the weather was great  and the atmosphere is awesome I guess that’s really why you go cause most of the food stalls are Thai, Thai and more Thai. Anyhoo we tried to steer clear of Chinese food, since the last year we came thats what we had so most of our buys were from Seaffod and Eat It, and suprisingly Helen brought back some Indian food back to the table.

Best seat in the house… next to the bar, table & chairs and a view of the Jacaranda tree (omg I love these trees)
We were determined to get a table this year… last year we sat on the grass and we got shatted on…

Our haul… but no noodles
Oops just noticed I didn’t take photos of the Indian food

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Garlic Prawns

Soft Shell Crab (not so good)

Satay Chicken and Prawns

Mango Pancake with huge huge huge chunks of mango inside
Later that night Bill and I headed to Sugar Hit at the Glass Brassierie. It was the 2nd time here for me, I’ve had tea here and the service was really good last time but this time not so much… I found the waiters abit cold but I guess they’re busy as well. Meh. It’s a massive area, with glass duh! and alot of mirrors so it’s easy to get disoriented… I got lost in the toilets. Bill isn’t a chocolate person but booked The Glass Brasserie mainly because Earl Grey is one of my favourite teas and the Earl Grey Ice Cream was intriguing.

Fancy Schmancy

Chocolate Assiette

Chocolate Fondant
very very decadent but not so special a little too much for me
Earl Grey Ice Cream rolled in Cookies (Oreo’s I think) on top of White Chocolate Pandan Parfait
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS more so separately than together =)
the ice cream was delicate and not too sweet and the parfait was so soft and fluffy
I would’ve gone again just to eat this

Marshmallow with Bitter Chocolate Raspberry Fondue
I’ve hated marshmallows since forever… so I gave mine to Bill but I happily tried to scoop every bit of the chocolate fondue.. it was so tasty I love raspberries. (They needed to give you a dipper like they do at Max Brenners though… it’s so hard to get the chocolate using the toothpick thingy)
Can’t wait to see what they’ll offer next year!

6 thoughts on “Night Noodle Markets & Sugar Hit at Glass Brasserie

    • I know! The trees are a pretty lilac around this tome of the year but the other times it’s just a tree with branches and no flowers. I want one in my backyard!!

  1. lol i totally agree with ya about night noodle markets being like easter show! it only happens once a year so we kinda forgive the exorbitant prices! the garlic prawns look tasty!

    • Yeh! Suprisingly the prawns were so plump!
      We also had this indian dish like croquettes with fish and it was so so so tasty!!

      I guess we really pay for the novelty of eating in a park lol and the atmosphere, it’s still fun heh

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