Chophouse & Sugar Hit at Azuma

In the past 6mths I’ve tried ALOT of steaks at various restaurants but I have not had a more satisfying steak in a long time until Thursday. Thank you Chophouse.

We had booked Sugar Hit at Azuma for later that night so decided a early dinner was in order. Bill had chosen Chophouse and I’m so glad he did. The steakhouse is a-ma-zing. It’s something that comes out of the set of Gangs of New York and there’s so much attention to detail it takes you a really long time to see little quirks.

“I feel like Pinnochio in here”

Wholemeal bread.                    How cute are the plates?

Lychee and Rose Martini so refreshingly nice!!

Sourdough bread
Must admit the complimentary bread wasn’t amongst the best I’ve tried

Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish
tuna mayonnairse, sicilian green olive, baby herbs, cirtus vinaigrette

Cauliflower Gratin
sourdough, gruyere & parsley

Potato Puree
Victorian Dutch creams

Minute Steak of Black Angus with cafe de Paris butter
Riverine District NSW, 150 day grain-fed, Rib Eye MB2+

Dry Aged Delmonico with chutney & jus
6 weeks dry-aged, Marble Score 2, Riverine Disctrict NSW, Angus-Hereford cross, 150 days grain-fed

80g House Jaffa Top Deck Chocolate
complete with a cleaver and chopping board.. how cooool

I gave Bill the honours… my arms aren’t strong enough.
Oh yeh if you haven’t seen him in a while.. he got a haircut and its seriously short… its like shaved on the sides =/

After easily finishing the block of chocolate off we took a long stroll to Azuma Kushiyaki to walk the steak off before our Sugar Hit. We were so excited since Helen and

went the week before and they fell in love with it that they went again, so I was disappointed when two of the cakes had been replaced by mousses in cups (though Helen and Angie preferred the mousses to the cakes) and my bento box was broken boo.
The Vanilla Cheesecake was too milky for me and I couldn’t taste the cheese enough but the Chocolate Mousse was so good, light airy and you can actually taste the cocoa. The Nori biscuits tasted like … packaged aonori I sprinkle on my okonomiyaki but it was different. I could only managed to eat half of my Green Tea Swiss Roll cake and it was delicious, loved loved loved the chestnuts. And of course I saved the best till last – the kinako mochi with kuromitsu *yummmm* I love mochi and all things mochi like ozoni!! Bill and I are pretty satisfied with our Sugar Hits this year.

Brown Brother Orange Muscat Flora

Belgian Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Cheesecake, Mochi with kinako and Vanilla Ice Cream and Brown Sugar Syrup, Green Tea Swiss Roll Cake with Chestnuts and Nori Langue de Chat biscuits

We were sooo full from dinner and dessert that we couldn’t bear to sit down and chat for any longer, it was the biggest pig out we’ve had in a while, and all this was preceded with a chocolate session at Max Brenners for a pick-me-up after my car debacle, which left me frustrated and anxious.

Chocolate Fondue in the afternoon

7 thoughts on “Chophouse & Sugar Hit at Azuma

    • I love meat too!! and I love really good steak even more!!

      Yeh I love the details like the cleaver and chopping board! Matches the restaurant perfectly

      • hmmm steak!

        BTW, don’t mind haters talking about “anorexia” or rubbish stuff like that. Seriously, some people are so insecure they can’t even handle people blogging about food! *shrugs*


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