Adriano Zumbo

Allow me to present… cake haute couture XP
Last last weekend was it? Mum and I picked up some desserts for that night at Adriano Zumbo when they had brought back some old goodies… unfortunately there weren’t many macarons left besides a chocolate looking one. Boo.  We ended up with three tarts and two cakes… it took me so long to decide what to get, for me it’s much easier to just get one of each (everyone knows how indecisive I am and how long it takes for me to order in restaurants). I loved this one the best…the Ed Knocked Me Up (Oh I blushed furiously when I ordered this, as soon as I said the word “Ed Knocked Me Up” the staff behind the counter giggled) the coffee and walnuts were perfectiooooon, I would love to try the other “Ed” cakes – Marry Me Ed, Ed it’s Twins and Ed Rock the Cradle.. the name are so cute.

Anyhoo OH I love this tray, I bought it from a vintageantiquey store beginning of this year… its absolutely gorgeous.

Citron Tart
Pate Sable and Lemon Creme

Tarte aux Fruites de la Passion
Pate Sable and Passionfruit Creme
very tasty
Prune Flan
Maxiadz (Gluten free)
Chocolate hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate saboyan mousse, raspberry brulee rolled in milk chocolate and nuts.
  Ed Knocked Me Up
Biscuit financier, coffee walnut mousseline, caramelised rice crispies, caramel walnut jelly and coffee creme Chantilly
The coffee jelly was awesome!! and I loved the different textures of everything and I tasted a hint of Japanese purin so so good

I bought this baby a month or so ago… but I am yet to use it first it was the dust storm, and there was the rainy days and then I just simply forget to transfer my things from one bag to another the night before. I also HATE how I’ll definately forget SOMETHING in the process. I promise I’ll start using it from tomorrow XP It was a hard toss up between this bag or a Petal to the Metal Sasha or clutch but in the end I bought this to use as my everyday bag, hoping the leather will get much much softer as I use it. It’s the perfect size for work =))

Marc by Marc Jacobs Salma Satchel
my bag is smiling

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