Adriano Zumbo Cafe

Run’s House marathon just finished… so with nothing to watch I decided to update this place… lately I’ve been too busy at work and too lazy at home.

ANYHOO plenty of foodporn from Australia’s Pierre Herme since the girls and I have been visiting Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat every other weekend for our macaroon fix. I remember the cafe being built in Balmain mall while I was working in Balmain and before the Masterchef hype, when I used to go to Simmone Logue for my tarts… but now theres a Chocolat Cafe and a Patisserie. We’ve basically tried all the desserts from Chocolat Cafe and my favourite has got to be Paris – La Vie En Rose :9  why? Because it’s pink, french and oh-so-beautiful that it’s almost heartbreaking to eat.

start salivating…The two newest additions…

‘Please Sir Can I Have Some More?’
Chocolate soup with mint/cucumber jelly and burnt butter icecream.

Zumbo’s Galaptigus Juice vs Morning Glory
Ginger brûlée, vaccum apples, mint rock, walnut caviar, carrot gel
and lemon sorbet

It’s a Macaron not a Hamburger!!
Dulce de leche gelato filled macaron with banana caramel ride pudding & chocolate soil.

PARIS – La Vie en Rose
Rose creme brulee, raspberry sorbet balls, fresh lychee & petit rose macarons & coconut strawberry tapioca shake.

Miss Marple Deconstructed
Maple mascarpone filled crepes with fresh strawberries & frozen orange jelly.

The Younger Years
Chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis, vanilla anglaise injection & peanut butter gelato.

Injecting my chocolate fondant on my kidney =FUN FUN FUN

My most recent visit? today sorry babes, I went without you all XP Took mummy dearest for brunch today and to pick up some desserts for tonight.

Ricotta Pancakes
Cooked in orange butter with berry compote and pasionfruit creme. 

should I update my abandoned twitter now?


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