My baby[info]a_for_angie is backkkk!! Wee I’m so happy but it’s abit disappointing our coffee sessions won’t be as frequent as they used to be. She brought so much back for me this time, spoiling Helen and I with this adorable Ferragano hair clip and with tonnes and tonnes of food.


with the GH drumkit at the back

This week we had dinner at Roxanne in Glebe, having to wait 10mins even though we had booked a table, but well worth the teeny wait. I loved how the restaurant was decorated with chandeliers hanging in the centre and red curtains draped everywhere. The pork belly was perfect, the crispy skin and the right amount of fat made it so juicy and tender, though Helen’s was tough on one end. I was so suprised by the size of my rib eye fillet, I usually get something which is really small but it was HUGE and tasted great as well. The mash was so so creamy too :9

Salt and Pepper Squid and King Prawns with Asian salad.

Thick Cut Herbed Chips with Mustard Mayo

Roasted Pork Belly

Prime Rib Eye Fillet Steak with Caramelised Onions, Mash and Steamed Vegetables in a Port Wine Jus sauce.

After dinner we were too full to have dessert at Roxanne so we waited it out and went to Passionflower and met up with Lina and Annie after they finished work – triple date haha. I tried the Stardust this time around since I wanted o try it last time but the sesame covered glutinous balls won in the end.

Stardust –
Two times Mango Sorbet, Passionfruit Sorbet and Coconut ice-cream covered in Passionfruit sauce and laced with Pineapple wedges.

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