Daffodil Day was on the Friday past, and we each got one daffodil and a chocolate caramel egg :9 and I also bought a pen because they’re always useful though I didn’t think the design of the pen is as cute as it was previous years. We also drove over to The Ranch for an extended lunch.

My Blue Tongue Lager Schooner XP

Anyway I got so so excited on Tuesday when my Peter Alexander Fairy Tales catalogue arrived, had a good flick through and told my mum what I wanted and she ordered XDDDD I was so surprised when the package arrived a mere day later, it usually takes a good 5-7days. I’d been waiting for this collection since I saw an ad for it in Grazia and it did not disappoint… the Sleeping Beauty Hispter PJ Pant was a must have ( I absolutely love disney princesses) and the Heart is where the Home is Waffle leggings because I literally live in these at home, also got the Red Riding Hood Long Boy Short and the Old World Rose Print Gown.  This should be enough for the first order… I am contemplating getting a nightie of some sort as well.

Mum bought this super cute couples TokiDoki pillow cases from Bondi Junction

AND last nights dinner :9


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