Great Bagel and Coffee Company / Juju’s

Major slow down in posts… (and commenting on your posts too!) because I’m a busy beaver and I currently have no life. Apologies

What have I been up to lately? eating eating and eating…

The Great Bagel and Coffee Company
I had the New York style Pastrami on a oat? bagel I think it was… delicious, I love how the bagel did not go soggy at all with all the mustard and tomatoes inside (I absolutely hate when my sandwiches go soggy or my toasts when they condense on the plate.. so much that I refuse to eat soggy breads), and they have curly fries too omg!! so I got some curly fries for the drive home =))

oat bagel… in an attempt to eat healthy

the innards

HOOGE chocolate danish I bought for afternoon tea
Friday I did ALOT of cosmetics shopping with my babe

but I did resist the urge to buy a new pair of Tiffany&Co earrings, which I’m sure will resurface again sometime in the next month… Then it was off to Kings Cross for dinner at JuJu’s where they had really really really slow service like Bill had finished his meal before Helen’s came out and they’re not complicated dishes either, but we may visit again for some karaoke or shabu-shabu, then we went to a KR gig where I got a cd woo hoo!

Afternoon tea with Angie  – Raspberry Cheesecake


Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll

Shisamo – I love their babies =)))

Khamsin Rifles

in action

yeh we went to karaoke after again…


at Wagaya and then sampled the new food at Starbucks.


Chocolate Brownie

It was my dad’s birthday on the weekend, so we had an occaision to have Ella’s Patisserie again woohoO!

Anyway I’m off to make dinner now… curry

That is all!

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