The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant

Bill and I very rarely venture out to try different Chinese restaurants for a number of reasons: I don’t understand Chinese, Bill can’t speak it, the pushy waiters scare me when they try and lure you in by shoving menus in your face and I generally prefer not to eat tripe, offal and stuff like that… so when[info]a_for_angie offered to take us to The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant for dinner, we happily obliged and in the span of one month we’ve visited The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant twice.

They gave us complimentary (I’m guessing) side dishes of pickles and roasted peanuts to nibble on while Angie and Alan deliberated over the extensive menu (all dishes sounding pretty similar) with chillis next to each dish representing how spicy they are. The Pork Belly dish wasn’t spicy but came with a “special sauce” and the meat was so tender and just melted in your mouth. Underneath the meat were salted pickles and vegetables which were so tasty mixed with my rice. The Pork Spare Ribs were supposed to be the most chilli but the Pork Slices was so much more chilli, numbing my mouth with this tingling sensation from the sanshou chillis. My favourite dish was the Fish Fillet soup with Picked Vegetables, it was so so so addictive, hot, sour and spicy with huge pieces of white fish and sour chinese cabbage. It burns your tongue when you eat the chilli pork slices and drink the soup it burns your tongue but its so delicious and additctive, it makes you want to eat more. YUM. Oh Alan and Angie also ordered these prune drinks to neutralise the chilli, they were so refreshingly good , Bill went through like two bottles.

For dessert we had Fried Mantou Buns with Condensed Milk, they’re like chinese Krispy Kremes so goood. And then it was off to Starbucks for some caramel macchiatos.

Pickled Vegetables and Roasted Peanuts

This is sooo nice when its icy cold

Pork Spare Ribs (3chillis)

Pork tripe?muscles?tongue? with Sichuan Chilli (2chillis)

Braised Pork Belly with Vegetables

Stewed Fish Fillet with Sichuan Chilli and Picked Vegetables (3chillis but we asked for it less chilli)

Fried Mantou Buns with Condensed Milk

yeh thats my boy giving me a dirty

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