our loves the perfect crime

After hearing the good news, I went out for dinner at Hurstville with the family with a bottle of Rosemount O in hand XP

In the process of changing my bag a while ago I took a shot of my contents minus the rubbish like train tickets, gum wrappers and what not. These are probably the essentials I usually have plus the odd bag of lollies, paw paw ointment and a Starbucks thermos with Earl Grey tea.

Marc by Marc Jacobs with its contents. it’s never this neat
close upppp

My beloved timeless classic Chanel wallet  (still using it since my 18th woo baby)
Oroton Coin Purse … its getting pretty dirty now
Louis Vuitton Agenda
Prada Bow keychain pouch containing (YSL lipstick and lipgloss, YSL mini towel, Vaseline and Anna Sui Stand Up Mirror)
Prada Cardholder
LG Secret possibly to transform into a black iPhone soon
Canon IXUS 160IS
NDS because I love my sudoku wherever I go
my ancient 1st generation iPOD nano which is still working (I deco-ed this to spruce it up a lil)
2x Metallic pens (silver and purple)

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