Daffodil Day was on the Friday past, and we each got one daffodil and a chocolate caramel egg :9 and I also bought a pen because they’re always useful though I didn’t think the design of the pen is as cute as it was previous years. We also drove over to The Ranch for an extended lunch.

My Blue Tongue Lager Schooner XP

Anyway I got so so excited on Tuesday when my Peter Alexander Fairy Tales catalogue arrived, had a good flick through and told my mum what I wanted and she ordered XDDDD I was so surprised when the package arrived a mere day later, it usually takes a good 5-7days. I’d been waiting for this collection since I saw an ad for it in Grazia and it did not disappoint… the Sleeping Beauty Hispter PJ Pant was a must have ( I absolutely love disney princesses) and the Heart is where the Home is Waffle leggings because I literally live in these at home, also got the Red Riding Hood Long Boy Short and the Old World Rose Print Gown.  This should be enough for the first order… I am contemplating getting a nightie of some sort as well.

Mum bought this super cute couples TokiDoki pillow cases from Bondi Junction

AND last nights dinner :9



Great Bagel and Coffee Company / Juju’s

Major slow down in posts… (and commenting on your posts too!) because I’m a busy beaver and I currently have no life. Apologies

What have I been up to lately? eating eating and eating…

The Great Bagel and Coffee Company
I had the New York style Pastrami on a oat? bagel I think it was… delicious, I love how the bagel did not go soggy at all with all the mustard and tomatoes inside (I absolutely hate when my sandwiches go soggy or my toasts when they condense on the plate.. so much that I refuse to eat soggy breads), and they have curly fries too omg!! so I got some curly fries for the drive home =))

oat bagel… in an attempt to eat healthy

the innards

HOOGE chocolate danish I bought for afternoon tea
Friday I did ALOT of cosmetics shopping with my babe

but I did resist the urge to buy a new pair of Tiffany&Co earrings, which I’m sure will resurface again sometime in the next month… Then it was off to Kings Cross for dinner at JuJu’s where they had really really really slow service like Bill had finished his meal before Helen’s came out and they’re not complicated dishes either, but we may visit again for some karaoke or shabu-shabu, then we went to a KR gig where I got a cd woo hoo!

Afternoon tea with Angie  – Raspberry Cheesecake


Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll

Shisamo – I love their babies =)))

Khamsin Rifles

in action

yeh we went to karaoke after again…


at Wagaya and then sampled the new food at Starbucks.


Chocolate Brownie

It was my dad’s birthday on the weekend, so we had an occaision to have Ella’s Patisserie again woohoO!

Anyway I’m off to make dinner now… curry

That is all!

The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant

Bills cooking dinner while I blog haha anyway it may be “sprinter” but the nights are still very cold, so what better way than to warm up with hot pot for dinner. The decision for hotpot came about while I was telling Bill about a program on the food channel that I watched about chinese cuisine, in particular that episode was about Qing Chong hot pot in their bronze pots and chilli soups. Now Bill had no idea wth I was going on about, and I was so sure it was called Qing Chong hot pot so I had a go at him about knowing less about China than me XD and then he realised I meant Chong Qing Hot Pot… I was the stupid ass saying it wrong. As I retold the story to Angie and Alan whom by the way found it hilarious suggested visitng the upstairs of The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant.

The last time we visited this restaurant was like 3weeks ago? and we realised that when you dine downstairs they have an a la carte menu but upstairs is purely for hot pot… it’s like a whole new restaurant upstairs. Anyway it was a Saturday night and it was crazy busy, the foyer decorated with a traditional tofu making machine and a flat screen playing some randon old school Chinese cartoons was filled with really loud international students so we ended up waiting 30mins for a table, and by then we were freaking starving.

We asked for the hotpot to be divided in two with Spicy Soup and Chicken Soup in the other half. You’re able to choose how spicy you want the Spicy Soup and we chose the LEAST spicy but omg it still made our tongues tingle and numb. Angie and Alan ordered the right amount of food so that we were full but weren’t too full to leave any food behind! The 3plates of Beef Rolls were so good in the spicy soup, they soaked up all the flavour and were delicious, you didn’t have to dip it in your flavoured sauce. The King Prawns were also really really good, they were fresh and plump. I’m not a fan of liver so I didn’t touch that and I also hate any form of luncheon meat, but apparently they were really good when boiled in the soup as they were really soft and melted in your mouth. We also ordered an array of vegetables to balance out the meat, and omg the baby taros were so soft and gooey and delicious.

After hotpot we had Green Tea Frappuccinos at Starbucks. Ah simple pleasures.

The desginated food orderers

Our bronze hotpot divided into two – Spicy Soup and Chicken Soup

Our two leveled cart Luncheon Meat, Beef Rolls, Duck Liver, Fish Balls and King Prawns

Noodles, Chinese Cabbage, Baby Taro Balls, Seaweed, Enoki and Oyster Mushrooms


The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant

Bill and I very rarely venture out to try different Chinese restaurants for a number of reasons: I don’t understand Chinese, Bill can’t speak it, the pushy waiters scare me when they try and lure you in by shoving menus in your face and I generally prefer not to eat tripe, offal and stuff like that… so when[info]a_for_angie offered to take us to The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant for dinner, we happily obliged and in the span of one month we’ve visited The Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant twice.

They gave us complimentary (I’m guessing) side dishes of pickles and roasted peanuts to nibble on while Angie and Alan deliberated over the extensive menu (all dishes sounding pretty similar) with chillis next to each dish representing how spicy they are. The Pork Belly dish wasn’t spicy but came with a “special sauce” and the meat was so tender and just melted in your mouth. Underneath the meat were salted pickles and vegetables which were so tasty mixed with my rice. The Pork Spare Ribs were supposed to be the most chilli but the Pork Slices was so much more chilli, numbing my mouth with this tingling sensation from the sanshou chillis. My favourite dish was the Fish Fillet soup with Picked Vegetables, it was so so so addictive, hot, sour and spicy with huge pieces of white fish and sour chinese cabbage. It burns your tongue when you eat the chilli pork slices and drink the soup it burns your tongue but its so delicious and additctive, it makes you want to eat more. YUM. Oh Alan and Angie also ordered these prune drinks to neutralise the chilli, they were so refreshingly good , Bill went through like two bottles.

For dessert we had Fried Mantou Buns with Condensed Milk, they’re like chinese Krispy Kremes so goood. And then it was off to Starbucks for some caramel macchiatos.

Pickled Vegetables and Roasted Peanuts

This is sooo nice when its icy cold

Pork Spare Ribs (3chillis)

Pork tripe?muscles?tongue? with Sichuan Chilli (2chillis)

Braised Pork Belly with Vegetables

Stewed Fish Fillet with Sichuan Chilli and Picked Vegetables (3chillis but we asked for it less chilli)

Fried Mantou Buns with Condensed Milk

yeh thats my boy giving me a dirty

our loves the perfect crime

After hearing the good news, I went out for dinner at Hurstville with the family with a bottle of Rosemount O in hand XP

In the process of changing my bag a while ago I took a shot of my contents minus the rubbish like train tickets, gum wrappers and what not. These are probably the essentials I usually have plus the odd bag of lollies, paw paw ointment and a Starbucks thermos with Earl Grey tea.

Marc by Marc Jacobs with its contents. it’s never this neat
close upppp

My beloved timeless classic Chanel wallet  (still using it since my 18th woo baby)
Oroton Coin Purse … its getting pretty dirty now
Louis Vuitton Agenda
Prada Bow keychain pouch containing (YSL lipstick and lipgloss, YSL mini towel, Vaseline and Anna Sui Stand Up Mirror)
Prada Cardholder
LG Secret possibly to transform into a black iPhone soon
Canon IXUS 160IS
NDS because I love my sudoku wherever I go
my ancient 1st generation iPOD nano which is still working (I deco-ed this to spruce it up a lil)
2x Metallic pens (silver and purple)

Colonnade Cafe

It’s been a while since we had a lazy weekend, so this week we were determined to have a quiet night in. I wasn’t in the mood to venture out into the city so our venue for brunch was local at Colonnade cafe at Hurstville. Bill overindulged with a Big Breakfast and I ordered a Vegetarian toasted sandwich with a pot of Earl Grey tea. Usually I order this vegetarian sandwich with focaccia bread… I suppose to make it more “mediterranean” XP but since I can never finish it, I tried the brown multigrain bread and it was a perfect portion. I was able to demolish my plate easily without making my garbage can having to eat half of my dish as well as his.

We also saw the cutest dogs at Hurstville, a black sharpei x english staffy that looked like Bill, so we named him Billy. His face was so cute with a tinge of sadness, it was to dieee for.

The rest of the day was spent at mine where Bill installed Sims3 for me, and we started to build our virtual life together. When we got bored of that we retreated to the kotatsu and foxtel, where we watched a bit of Enchanted and all of The Matrix. I never knew The Matrix was so interesting, I think I never fully understood it when I watched it 10years ago… and it’s so much more easy to understand it when you have someone explaining everything each minute X) Now we’re gonna spend weekends watching the rest of The Matrix trilogy.

Vegetarian toasted Sandwich on brown bread

Innards – Grilled Capsicum, Grilled Eggplant, Cheese and Grilled Mushrooms with Pesto paste

Fried Eggs, Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms, Sausages with Onions and Fries (instead of a hash brown)

My Sims’ goals is to be swimming in cash and Living in a lap of luxury XDD

Okonomiyaki dinner.