Oh, it’s getting hot in here there must be something in the atmosphere

Picked up a few things from the ASOS sale with 

  XP including some Paul&Joe make up. BLAH I shouldn’t even be spending… but they were way too cute to resist.

Paul & Joe Disney Milky Lip Treatment
Everyone knows I can’t resist anything Disney, so getting this was a no brainer. Suprisingly it’s really good!! It’s moisturising (with hydrating sunflower and jojoba oil) and has a subtle pink sheen which is really really cute! Get it  
Alas again the packaging got me… this is a blotting paper case with a mirror inside too!! So handy
Paul & Joe pressed powder
This is absolutely gorgeous, it’s soft and leaves the skin really soft too. It’s sheer and I love how it shimmers with its "Secret D’or" so I’m using it as a highlighter.


Suminoya and Azuma Patisserie

I’m sooo tired so I’ll keep it short and simple… I think I’m coming down with the flu, my whole body aches and I feel totally drained of all my energy despite not doing anything today except watch dramas and indulge in Krispy Kremes :(((((((

Celebrated mummy dearests birthday at Suminoya because she felt like yakiniku and without my dad it’s too hard to order from the one at Campsie. So second time here, I’d recommend this restaurant for meat lovers because although they do serve sashimi… it isn’t that great (like frozen and not fresh and the taste is very bland) and the garlic prawns did seem like the frozen type too. But oh well we still did manage to eat our weight in different sorts of meats and seafood.

For dessert Bill treated us to assorted little cakes from Azuma Patisserie, which were all very yummy.

Getting started with Assorted KimChi

Prawn Salad and Assorted Sashimi (salmon, tuna, kingfish and squid)

Scallops, Octopus and Squid and delicious Beef Tongue

Erina and I
YEP that’s my sister and she refused to take her hat off indoors… lahoooosa

Leon and I
he absolutely HATES taking photos

Onto the dessert

Orange Chambroist (something like that)
this was my favourite, it was light and airy and had a slice of orange in the middle

Pear and Caramel Cake

St Honore
I usually love St Honore but this was caramelised on the top and way too sweet

Mont Blanc

Raspberry Mousse
this was really nice too, I love raspberries

Mocha Mousse