Pancakes on the Rocks at Vivid Sydney

Sunday 14th June Vivid (yeh we went on the last night how very organised we are, and luckily it didn’t rain) a festival of light and music (we didn’t get to see the musical aspects), and we missed Fire Water but we did see the Rocks and Circular Quay transformed by smart low light installations.

The night kicked off at Pancakes on the Rocks for a very satisfying dinner of Mexicana (potato and onion) Pancakes and a filling Short Stack dessert. We had a few minor complications like not having a map, Lalisa’s upset stomach and Annie’s noob skills with a SLR but it was a good night afterall with alot of walking, photo taking, oh’s and ah’s and much more walking.

Mexicana Potato Pancake
Walked it off throughout the night
Cloud of Bats
Rock Lights
Vessel of (Horti)Cultural Plenty
I like this its cute
so many people were doing the jumping shots here
the view from here was beautiful
this was my favourite of the MCA
haha those heads you see… they’re doing the peak a boo shot
Lighting the Sails
Lighting the Sails

Obligatory LUVO shot

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