H20 Cafe

I love lazy Sundays especially if there’s good morning sunshineee. We were blessed last weekend AND this long weekend hooray! so we spent our mornings at our favourite new cafe in Pyrmont, the H2O Cafe (it’s next to Sugaroom and is where Milk & Two used to be). I lovelovelove this place, it overlooks the harbour and the place is enormous and lofty with heaps of seating indoors and outdoors (though on weekends you’d better book since it does get very busy). The waterfront view is amazing with the sunshine and so much better now that they finished constructing the bike tracks, gardens and children’s playground.

I absolutely love having a good breakfast and they have a simple and tasty and wholesome breakfast menu served all day!!! I usually have the Breakfast Bruschetta but mum had that this time, it’s so delicious with poached eggs, roasted tomatoes and parmesan on sourdough with basil oil… it’s full of flavour without being too heavy in the morning… perfection. This time I opted for the Big Breakfast which is really really big inclduing two eggs any style (I always get poached), sauteed mushrooms, three gourmet sausages, homemade baked beans, roasted tomatoes and bacon served on sourdough bread… gosh I’m such a pig but it was soooo good. It’s great that they serve gourmet sausages that are oh-so-tasty (i usually only eat chicken sausages) and the bacon was just the way I like it, not the crap bacon which is just all fat, the beans were pretty good too, a tad tomatoe-y for me and the mushrooms, oh gawd I loved the mushrooms.

Next time… maybe when it’s more warmer and I need something less hearty… I’m determined to try their Breakfast Summer Trifle which has homemade muesli with granola and fresh berries and yoghurt. Doesn’t it sound tres delish?

creamy and strong Cappuccino with loads of chocolate topping =)))
Breakfast Bruschetta absolutely divinee
Big Breakfast
Recently ate the Maid in Tokyo Maid Cookies from Japan, luckily they were packaged individually so they didn’t go stale. They had two flavours, Milk and Maple and they were soo yummy, crisp and sweet and so addictive. Each cookie had one of eight faces with expressions – too cute!! Trust me to get the “pun-pun” (pissed off) cookie face first, and the second cookie I had was the “mogu-mogu” (stuffing your face) cookie… after that I think I ate a few more… probably more than any other family member… I also ate the last two since no-one had the nerve to eat them =)
The eight maid faces
mogu mogu
pissed off maid face




6 thoughts on “H20 Cafe

    • I know !! but it’s a good idea to eat them before they go to waste =) I’ve “saved” cookies before and when I was ready to eat them they were stale so I had to throw them out haha

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