I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always

I’ve been bad… but Angie’s been bad too since we both broke our shopping bans in spectacular fashion as soon as we hit the sales… we even tried not to shop altogether but ended up checking out the stocktake sales a few days later. Angie also bought shoes and a few items from PA and cosmetics!

Peter Alexander Equestrian Cardigan and Tuxedo Gown
Guess by Marciano Miliab
We were also bad in the fact that we indulged in a Chocolate Avalanche after a dinner of full rack of ribs at Tony Roma’s. We didn’t know what it was initially, we just ordered it because all the other tables had one too… turned out to be a delicious and moist chocolate cake with ice cream and chocolate cookie topping and chocolate sauce YUM!!
Angie has obaachan hands
<33 with her gorgeous Hermes cube pendant
We’re meeting up tomorrow too for coffee and some more shopping T_T but I always have so much fun