all I see is your face, all I need is your touch, wake me up with your kiss

So a few weeks ago I took my baby Angie to Chatswood for the second time in her lifee and spent a few shopping days with mummy dearest which has left me in serious debt but blissfully happy and scored myself a graduation gift XPPPP

My bundle of joy

A quick visit to Chatswood to pick up my dress but it led to one of the hardest decisions, and literally spent 2hours thinking it over between the Totally Turnlock Sondra, Faridah, Quinn and the Softy City Bag. I was looking for the perfect medium sized slouchy soft leather bag and found four and the store basically they had just arrived and only had one of each. I ruled out the Softy City bag mainly because I wasn’t digging the snapped coin pouch on the front and the amount of rounded studs on the front as well and the zipped pocket with logo script, I just thought it was all too much but I did love the removable leather shoulder strap with link and clasp attachments. So I was left with three Totally Turnlock bags, it was then Faridah’s time to leave the bag race because I preferred a closed top rather than an open top with a hidden magnetic closure and it was a close battle between the Quinn and Sondra. I had been eyeing the Quinn for a while now and it seemed logical to take that one but my panel of judges (Angie, Annie and mum) deemed the Quinn too big for me and the colour black made it too boring… so I chose the Sondra with her buttery soft and supple leather, a zip tip, front and side pockets with turnlock closures, pewter hardware and a flat shoulder strap which drops 24"!! PERFECTION and omg the leather handles are padded and oh so soft and comfortable.

TAH DAH! My graduation present… thank you mummy dearest
Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Sondra
oh gawd so soft and buttery
With a little more shape here.

More goodies…

Burberry Lacing Square Sunglasses (there’s a metal lacing plaque on the side)
when this oversized square baby fit my temple I just had to have it.
Mimco Jetson Satchel… bought it a few days too early
Disney Couture Tinkerbell Three Strand bracelet with 14k gold plate and Swarovski crystals
Thanksss Bill <33

Other recent purchases Peter Alexander Roberston Boulevard dress, whole bunch of lingerie, Guerlain Perfect White SPF50/PA+++ because I’m paranoid like that.

Abit older BUT as soon as I received my Peter Alexander catalogue, I knew I had to have this and did a ordered it straight away in fear that it would sell out… Lucky I bought it as soon as I did because when I decided to buy another THEY WERE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT like even the large size… (which I wasn’t really expecting). How depressing. I’ve always wanted a something like this since watching the Girls of the Playboy Mansion (yeh great for watching late at night when you have nothing to do…)

Peter Alexander Playsuit
It is unbelievably warm and comfy and greaaat for winter. I absolutely love it

cute bunny aplique
Peter Alexander Fluffy Jacket with horns?
THIS is sooo warm as well, it’s fluffy on the inside too!
now I’m on a complete shopping ban…

for as long as I can resist

15 thoughts on “all I see is your face, all I need is your touch, wake me up with your kiss

    • haha!
      exactly why I haven’t worn it in front of the boy but omg it’s incredibly comfy and it even has a bum flap so you don’t have to go completely nekkid

  1. great bag!!!!! i love it!!! i don’t own any mj but now you make me wanna purchase one!! i’m on a shopping ban though =(

    is that a onesies??? for adults?? omg i’ve been wanting one foreverrrrrrr

    • I’m on a shopping ban too now!! but the bag is really good, it can fit so much and is perfect for everyday so slouchy and the straps are really soft and comfortable.

      yess! I’ve wanted one since the Playboy bunnies had a sleepover party and they were all wearing one. so cutee

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