Monkey Magic

Ayana Ono’s A Series of 21st EventsThe Second: Lina’s Monkey Magic

Happy Birthday lovvey! <33
(my shoulders looking pretty horrible here and wardrobe malfunction)
A journey from the east on a Wednesday night =) Dinner was at Monkey Magic in Surry Hills (opposite Bills) where we had the $55 degustation menu consisting of eight course and valued at $75. The service was okaaaaaay … one of the waiters mixed up our mains and he didn’t take our orders very well like forgetting to ask which main I’d prefer and we never got our green tea (our eighth course)… but I guess it’s because we had such a large unorganised group. Oh halfway through our dinner there was an argument between a customer and the waiter and apparently he was complaining about how shit the food was and didn’t want to pay (they were also having the degustation menu) and stormed off leaving his companions behind. 

Cocktails for the ladies
Hachi Mitsu – Medos Honey Vodka, Choya Plum Wine, Orange Blossom Honey Water, Fresh Muddled Lemon. Short and sweet!! with purrddy lemon zest flowers!
Minami Azabu – Otokoyama Sake, Belvedere Pure, Ginger Liqueur, Lychee Puree. So potent, and strained in a martini glass with a whole lychee!
Edo Garden Tea – Hendrick’s Gin, Rose Syrup, Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Jasmine and Rose Tea. Really refreshing and stirred with rose flowers!

First Course: Edamame with Pink Salt Sprinkles

Appetiser Trio Chefs’ Selection
Tempura Oyster Shooter, Crab Betel Leaves, Duck ?

Third Course: Saikyo Toothfish Miso in lettuce cup (marinated in a light flavoured sweet white soybean paste)
Interesting… I’ve never had fish in a lettuce cup but it was pretty tasty!

Sushi Combination Plate Salmon and Prawn Nigiri, Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll
Nothing too spesh…
I don’t eat salmon and I don’t usually have inside out rolls but the soft shell crab was amazinng and there was sooo much of it too

Monkey Magic Salad of witlof, chard and mizuna with radish and baby beetroot tossed in white yuzu citrus pepper dressing
I love love loved this especially so refreshing and it had radish and the dressing was so nice, I love salads with a bit of a kick in them

Main: Pepper Crusted Tuna with spaetzel, watercress and sesame ponzu dressing
The pepper wasn’t present in taste, but the tuna was thick and moist and was perfect with the ponzu
Main: Eye Beef Fillet with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, lime veal jus and wasabi and chive butter

The beef was rare and tender and the butter was oh so creamy and the wasabi wasn’t overbearing.

Dessert Banana Harumaki with Green Tea Ice Cream
I was soo full by the time this came out… the green tea ice cream was delicious! And the banana harumaki had azuki in it as well which made it really sweet but the raspberry sauce balanced the sweetness well.

Lina-chan with her HUGE Strawberry Gateau Cakeee

Happy Snappsss

Ze Men

meeh I have a cold…


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