Ichi Ban Boshi

How I ate my way through last week

I visited IchiBanBoshi three times in a week… so tasty but so unhealthy. First time I had the Very Hot Ramen with extra Boiled Egg, Tempura Udon and Tonkatsu Set. I used to LOVE the Hirekatsu Set but they removed that off the menu and only have Tonkatsu which pisses me off you hear me… because the Hirekatsu set used a much better cut of pork.

Very Hot Ramen …seriously

One night it was off to Vaby’s Meditteranean Grill for dinner with the family. I absolutely love the artery clogging Potato Shells which have pieces of bacon and a cheese topping over crispy potato skins and they serve it with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream but I prefer them with just a little bit of sour cream. I had the Penne Arrabiatta with roasted vegetables and Napoli sauce, but it was really disappointing… not enough vegetables and way too bland – I could not taste the hint of chillil, basil or garlic. The others had Rump Steak and the Surf n Turf – only one was cooked correctly medium-rare the other was obviously well done and the jacket potato on the side was apparently cold and hard. The only dish to really write home about was Erina’s Foot Long Pecker *giggles* It was sort of a pie with creamy chicken and spinach and cheese encased in a puff pastry shell which was crispy and buttery and yum and steaming hot on the inside. It was seriously good and I was jealous.

The Foot Long Pecker
One night my parents brought home some Lindt cakes for us to share for dessert, they actually brought home too much because we were so full on chocolate I thought I was going to be sick. The Opera looked exciting with its 24 carat gold leaf, which better have been edible… but it really was like a weak tiramisu with coffee butter cream under all that dark chocolate ganache. And oh my god the Celebration du Chocolat was everything chocolate, enough to make your nose bleed (this HAS happened to my sister when she was treated to Godiva chocolates in Japan). It had dark and milk chocolate cake and ribbons, milk chocolate mousse AND dark chocolate ganache. Though I do love chocolate, this ended up being way too rich for me. I did enjoy the Lindt Excellence 70% Tart though, I thought the dark chocolate ganache and truffle on top was well balanced against the short crust pastry – it ended up being crispy, sweet and light instead of overbearingly sweet. Now I’m not very fond of eclairs and I don’t usually eat them, I’d much prefer choux cream puffs without the glazed chocolate on top, but this Chocolate eclair was the best eclair I’ve ever had.. probably because I don’t eat many but still. It was made with choux pastry with a chocolate creme filling and wasn’t too rich for my taste. Finished off with come macaroons or Delices. The Milk Chocolate and Champagne were pretty standard… the champagne was just like white chocolate but the Strawberry delice was delicate and light AND pretty in pink. What gluttons we are.


Lindt Excellence 70% Tart really yummy

Celebration du Chocolat – really really rich

Chocolat Eclair

Milk Chocolate, Champagne and Strawberry Delice
Since then, I’ve had the best light and fluffy scrambled eggs ever from Cafe Spazio in Roselands which I suspect had a whole lot of cream. (I usually prefer to have my eggs poached but they don’t do that at the cafe so I had to have scrambled) I’ve also eaten laksa at three different places (Hurstville, Burwood and Beverly Hills), just because the place at Hurstville where I used to get my laksa from, just doesn’t make it the same anymore and is really salty. SO I’m determined to find the perfect vegetable laksa now. And I’ve had dinner with Angie at BBQ City where we watched a girl at another table cry for over an hour, sobbing really loud, drinking way too much and throwing her iphone on the floor. Oh and we had the chilliest hot pot ever, so chilli we didn’t end up finishing it.

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