Burger Bun

So a family friend gave us tickets to a screening of Shinjuku Incident which stars Jackie Chan (in a very serious acting role). Now we had no idea what the film was about, the tickets were free so we decided to go watch it XP we hadn’t even watched a trailer of it prior either. I think I prefer to see Jackie Chan as the friendly uncle who speaks good engrish or Chris Rock’s PIC, he didn’t even bust out any good fighting moves in this movie, but his acting was decent and much better than the likes of let’s say Jean Claude Van Damme and John Cena, now they were pretty horrible. We found out that it was based on the illegal Chinese migrants in Japan who are basically caught up in the Yakuza underworld and Taiwanese gangs. A pretty violent and shocking movie, I didn’t really enjoy the ending and hated the way the story sort of went off course for a while… and I felt terribly sorry for Daniel Wu’s character. But it was a good movie to go watch, it was free but definately not worth the US$25million they spent making the film. Oh, and did you know they have food carts INSIDE the theatre now? Like you don’t have to run all the way to the candy bar to grab popcorn 2mins before the movie starts… I had no idea, shows how long I haven’t been to see a movie.

So we drove up to Broadway to watch the movie for two reasons
1. The tickets were only redeemable at Hoyts which eliminated all our local cinemas, and the city cinemas so it was either Chatswood Mandarin, Entertainment Quarter or Broadway.
2. Our favourite burger joint was Burger Bun situated in Broadway foodcourt =)

Burger Bun is the place to go when you crave a good burger. They use lean beef and use bread rolls which don’t have sesame seeds on them but are rather more like the gournmet buns and a little damper-ish if you’re Australian. They also have this good cheap deal for 11dorra you get this deliciously tasty huge burger, a drink and chips or a salad of  your choice which includes the likes of Thai Beef Salad, Caesar Salad, Wonton Salad, Chicken Pasta, Thai Noodle Salad and sooo many more. I’ve already tried some sort of Chicken Burger of which I can’t remember the name of, the Archibald (lean beef, avocado, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato) and the Graham Kennedy (lean beef, EGG, BACON, cheese, beetroot, lettuce, tomato) yeh they have really cool names for their burgers too. So this time I tried the only vegetarian burger they have on offer the – Aria which substitutes the meat patty with a sweet potato and pumpkin patty and it was so yummy and seriously good, like a traditional burger!!!

The burgers are the size of my face

my mouth was here.

But before we got into the goodness of our huge burgers, I spotted the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Yes, admittedly I watched Season One religiously but found it hard to get into season two, nonetheless I still recognised them… it was Emmanuel who caught my attention and then I realised sitting next to him was Pania, and next to her was Stephen, and Timomatic, and BJ and LAMB was at the Subway counte . Now not wanting to disturb them during their lunch I let them be, but when a girl approached them and they all got up I took the chance to ask them to take a photo with me =)  (I still can’t believe Charlie didn’t win and Talia won omg devastating, Penny would’ve so been in the top two with Charlie… end rant)

So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Pania, me, BJ, Stephen and Timomatic
BJ was my favourite from the beginning, then I started to follow Charlie

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