I fell in love and I won’t say I’m sorry

Oops, it’s been a while…

The night after we all went to the Easter Show, decided to go late-night karaoke-ing and relived our young-un days of singing-drinking-clubbing and generally partying hard. I can’t begin to tell you how long it has been since we all went clubbing together, we felt rather old and also opted to go to our old haunt SPACE (when it used to be free). There was the usual sleazy-try hardish-shit crowd but we had fun in our own company.

Memorable key events which shaped our night… 
1. Angie taking the car keys and going home and SLEEPING before we realise she had them =( 
2. which led to a midnight snack and some bun stealing (a first)
3. resulting in pissing off the boy, whom I then pushed and consequently slipped and fell on his ass

we just started and look how red Angie is
I love my real friends!
Before I pushed his ass onto the wet floor
These shoes and walking around a whole day at the Easter Show earlier led to …

BRUISED TOES… not only on my big toe either…
I guess it was too early for my foot to wear heels and endure constant walking


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