all I see is your face, all I need is your touch, wake me up with your kiss

So a few weeks ago I took my baby Angie to Chatswood for the second time in her lifee and spent a few shopping days with mummy dearest which has left me in serious debt but blissfully happy and scored myself a graduation gift XPPPP

My bundle of joy

A quick visit to Chatswood to pick up my dress but it led to one of the hardest decisions, and literally spent 2hours thinking it over between the Totally Turnlock Sondra, Faridah, Quinn and the Softy City Bag. I was looking for the perfect medium sized slouchy soft leather bag and found four and the store basically they had just arrived and only had one of each. I ruled out the Softy City bag mainly because I wasn’t digging the snapped coin pouch on the front and the amount of rounded studs on the front as well and the zipped pocket with logo script, I just thought it was all too much but I did love the removable leather shoulder strap with link and clasp attachments. So I was left with three Totally Turnlock bags, it was then Faridah’s time to leave the bag race because I preferred a closed top rather than an open top with a hidden magnetic closure and it was a close battle between the Quinn and Sondra. I had been eyeing the Quinn for a while now and it seemed logical to take that one but my panel of judges (Angie, Annie and mum) deemed the Quinn too big for me and the colour black made it too boring… so I chose the Sondra with her buttery soft and supple leather, a zip tip, front and side pockets with turnlock closures, pewter hardware and a flat shoulder strap which drops 24"!! PERFECTION and omg the leather handles are padded and oh so soft and comfortable.

TAH DAH! My graduation present… thank you mummy dearest
Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Sondra
oh gawd so soft and buttery
With a little more shape here.

More goodies…

Burberry Lacing Square Sunglasses (there’s a metal lacing plaque on the side)
when this oversized square baby fit my temple I just had to have it.
Mimco Jetson Satchel… bought it a few days too early
Disney Couture Tinkerbell Three Strand bracelet with 14k gold plate and Swarovski crystals
Thanksss Bill <33

Other recent purchases Peter Alexander Roberston Boulevard dress, whole bunch of lingerie, Guerlain Perfect White SPF50/PA+++ because I’m paranoid like that.

Abit older BUT as soon as I received my Peter Alexander catalogue, I knew I had to have this and did a ordered it straight away in fear that it would sell out… Lucky I bought it as soon as I did because when I decided to buy another THEY WERE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT like even the large size… (which I wasn’t really expecting). How depressing. I’ve always wanted a something like this since watching the Girls of the Playboy Mansion (yeh great for watching late at night when you have nothing to do…)

Peter Alexander Playsuit
It is unbelievably warm and comfy and greaaat for winter. I absolutely love it

cute bunny aplique
Peter Alexander Fluffy Jacket with horns?
THIS is sooo warm as well, it’s fluffy on the inside too!
now I’m on a complete shopping ban…

for as long as I can resist


everybody look at me cause I’m sailing on a boat

Ayana Ono’s A Series of 21st Events

The Third: Jase’s 21st on the Seawind Catamaran

Birthday boooy
Oh shiet, get your towels ready, it’s about to go down!
Everybody in the place hit the fcuking deck
I’m the king of the world, on a boat like Leo
Showing us how it’s done
I’m on the deck with my boys, motherfcuker
Poseidon look at meeeee
Believe me when I say I fcuked a mermaiiid
Wrong gf
Angie’s AV shot
King of the world?
I’m on a boat, don’t you ever forget

Monkey Magic

Ayana Ono’s A Series of 21st EventsThe Second: Lina’s Monkey Magic

Happy Birthday lovvey! <33
(my shoulders looking pretty horrible here and wardrobe malfunction)
A journey from the east on a Wednesday night =) Dinner was at Monkey Magic in Surry Hills (opposite Bills) where we had the $55 degustation menu consisting of eight course and valued at $75. The service was okaaaaaay … one of the waiters mixed up our mains and he didn’t take our orders very well like forgetting to ask which main I’d prefer and we never got our green tea (our eighth course)… but I guess it’s because we had such a large unorganised group. Oh halfway through our dinner there was an argument between a customer and the waiter and apparently he was complaining about how shit the food was and didn’t want to pay (they were also having the degustation menu) and stormed off leaving his companions behind. 

Cocktails for the ladies
Hachi Mitsu – Medos Honey Vodka, Choya Plum Wine, Orange Blossom Honey Water, Fresh Muddled Lemon. Short and sweet!! with purrddy lemon zest flowers!
Minami Azabu – Otokoyama Sake, Belvedere Pure, Ginger Liqueur, Lychee Puree. So potent, and strained in a martini glass with a whole lychee!
Edo Garden Tea – Hendrick’s Gin, Rose Syrup, Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Jasmine and Rose Tea. Really refreshing and stirred with rose flowers!

First Course: Edamame with Pink Salt Sprinkles

Appetiser Trio Chefs’ Selection
Tempura Oyster Shooter, Crab Betel Leaves, Duck ?

Third Course: Saikyo Toothfish Miso in lettuce cup (marinated in a light flavoured sweet white soybean paste)
Interesting… I’ve never had fish in a lettuce cup but it was pretty tasty!

Sushi Combination Plate Salmon and Prawn Nigiri, Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll
Nothing too spesh…
I don’t eat salmon and I don’t usually have inside out rolls but the soft shell crab was amazinng and there was sooo much of it too

Monkey Magic Salad of witlof, chard and mizuna with radish and baby beetroot tossed in white yuzu citrus pepper dressing
I love love loved this especially so refreshing and it had radish and the dressing was so nice, I love salads with a bit of a kick in them

Main: Pepper Crusted Tuna with spaetzel, watercress and sesame ponzu dressing
The pepper wasn’t present in taste, but the tuna was thick and moist and was perfect with the ponzu
Main: Eye Beef Fillet with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, lime veal jus and wasabi and chive butter

The beef was rare and tender and the butter was oh so creamy and the wasabi wasn’t overbearing.

Dessert Banana Harumaki with Green Tea Ice Cream
I was soo full by the time this came out… the green tea ice cream was delicious! And the banana harumaki had azuki in it as well which made it really sweet but the raspberry sauce balanced the sweetness well.

Lina-chan with her HUGE Strawberry Gateau Cakeee

Happy Snappsss

Ze Men

meeh I have a cold…

There ain’t no rest for the wicked

Ayana Ono’s A Series of 21st Events

The First: Fiona’s Rocking 21st Party

"Rock out with your cock out.. cause who wouldn’t want a rockband party?!"

The whole shinding with a massive projector, ps3, two guitars, drums and a mic with everyone dressed rockish
note: two 80’s dudes in the back
High School Musical

lol thongs… and awesome cakeee
I dont know wtf happened to my fringe.
Cropped to make our asses smaller XP


Ichi Ban Boshi

How I ate my way through last week

I visited IchiBanBoshi three times in a week… so tasty but so unhealthy. First time I had the Very Hot Ramen with extra Boiled Egg, Tempura Udon and Tonkatsu Set. I used to LOVE the Hirekatsu Set but they removed that off the menu and only have Tonkatsu which pisses me off you hear me… because the Hirekatsu set used a much better cut of pork.

Very Hot Ramen …seriously

One night it was off to Vaby’s Meditteranean Grill for dinner with the family. I absolutely love the artery clogging Potato Shells which have pieces of bacon and a cheese topping over crispy potato skins and they serve it with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream but I prefer them with just a little bit of sour cream. I had the Penne Arrabiatta with roasted vegetables and Napoli sauce, but it was really disappointing… not enough vegetables and way too bland – I could not taste the hint of chillil, basil or garlic. The others had Rump Steak and the Surf n Turf – only one was cooked correctly medium-rare the other was obviously well done and the jacket potato on the side was apparently cold and hard. The only dish to really write home about was Erina’s Foot Long Pecker *giggles* It was sort of a pie with creamy chicken and spinach and cheese encased in a puff pastry shell which was crispy and buttery and yum and steaming hot on the inside. It was seriously good and I was jealous.

The Foot Long Pecker
One night my parents brought home some Lindt cakes for us to share for dessert, they actually brought home too much because we were so full on chocolate I thought I was going to be sick. The Opera looked exciting with its 24 carat gold leaf, which better have been edible… but it really was like a weak tiramisu with coffee butter cream under all that dark chocolate ganache. And oh my god the Celebration du Chocolat was everything chocolate, enough to make your nose bleed (this HAS happened to my sister when she was treated to Godiva chocolates in Japan). It had dark and milk chocolate cake and ribbons, milk chocolate mousse AND dark chocolate ganache. Though I do love chocolate, this ended up being way too rich for me. I did enjoy the Lindt Excellence 70% Tart though, I thought the dark chocolate ganache and truffle on top was well balanced against the short crust pastry – it ended up being crispy, sweet and light instead of overbearingly sweet. Now I’m not very fond of eclairs and I don’t usually eat them, I’d much prefer choux cream puffs without the glazed chocolate on top, but this Chocolate eclair was the best eclair I’ve ever had.. probably because I don’t eat many but still. It was made with choux pastry with a chocolate creme filling and wasn’t too rich for my taste. Finished off with come macaroons or Delices. The Milk Chocolate and Champagne were pretty standard… the champagne was just like white chocolate but the Strawberry delice was delicate and light AND pretty in pink. What gluttons we are.


Lindt Excellence 70% Tart really yummy

Celebration du Chocolat – really really rich

Chocolat Eclair

Milk Chocolate, Champagne and Strawberry Delice
Since then, I’ve had the best light and fluffy scrambled eggs ever from Cafe Spazio in Roselands which I suspect had a whole lot of cream. (I usually prefer to have my eggs poached but they don’t do that at the cafe so I had to have scrambled) I’ve also eaten laksa at three different places (Hurstville, Burwood and Beverly Hills), just because the place at Hurstville where I used to get my laksa from, just doesn’t make it the same anymore and is really salty. SO I’m determined to find the perfect vegetable laksa now. And I’ve had dinner with Angie at BBQ City where we watched a girl at another table cry for over an hour, sobbing really loud, drinking way too much and throwing her iphone on the floor. Oh and we had the chilliest hot pot ever, so chilli we didn’t end up finishing it.

Burger Bun

So a family friend gave us tickets to a screening of Shinjuku Incident which stars Jackie Chan (in a very serious acting role). Now we had no idea what the film was about, the tickets were free so we decided to go watch it XP we hadn’t even watched a trailer of it prior either. I think I prefer to see Jackie Chan as the friendly uncle who speaks good engrish or Chris Rock’s PIC, he didn’t even bust out any good fighting moves in this movie, but his acting was decent and much better than the likes of let’s say Jean Claude Van Damme and John Cena, now they were pretty horrible. We found out that it was based on the illegal Chinese migrants in Japan who are basically caught up in the Yakuza underworld and Taiwanese gangs. A pretty violent and shocking movie, I didn’t really enjoy the ending and hated the way the story sort of went off course for a while… and I felt terribly sorry for Daniel Wu’s character. But it was a good movie to go watch, it was free but definately not worth the US$25million they spent making the film. Oh, and did you know they have food carts INSIDE the theatre now? Like you don’t have to run all the way to the candy bar to grab popcorn 2mins before the movie starts… I had no idea, shows how long I haven’t been to see a movie.

So we drove up to Broadway to watch the movie for two reasons
1. The tickets were only redeemable at Hoyts which eliminated all our local cinemas, and the city cinemas so it was either Chatswood Mandarin, Entertainment Quarter or Broadway.
2. Our favourite burger joint was Burger Bun situated in Broadway foodcourt =)

Burger Bun is the place to go when you crave a good burger. They use lean beef and use bread rolls which don’t have sesame seeds on them but are rather more like the gournmet buns and a little damper-ish if you’re Australian. They also have this good cheap deal for 11dorra you get this deliciously tasty huge burger, a drink and chips or a salad of  your choice which includes the likes of Thai Beef Salad, Caesar Salad, Wonton Salad, Chicken Pasta, Thai Noodle Salad and sooo many more. I’ve already tried some sort of Chicken Burger of which I can’t remember the name of, the Archibald (lean beef, avocado, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato) and the Graham Kennedy (lean beef, EGG, BACON, cheese, beetroot, lettuce, tomato) yeh they have really cool names for their burgers too. So this time I tried the only vegetarian burger they have on offer the – Aria which substitutes the meat patty with a sweet potato and pumpkin patty and it was so yummy and seriously good, like a traditional burger!!!

The burgers are the size of my face

my mouth was here.

But before we got into the goodness of our huge burgers, I spotted the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Yes, admittedly I watched Season One religiously but found it hard to get into season two, nonetheless I still recognised them… it was Emmanuel who caught my attention and then I realised sitting next to him was Pania, and next to her was Stephen, and Timomatic, and BJ and LAMB was at the Subway counte . Now not wanting to disturb them during their lunch I let them be, but when a girl approached them and they all got up I took the chance to ask them to take a photo with me =)  (I still can’t believe Charlie didn’t win and Talia won omg devastating, Penny would’ve so been in the top two with Charlie… end rant)

So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Pania, me, BJ, Stephen and Timomatic
BJ was my favourite from the beginning, then I started to follow Charlie