Sydney’s Royal Easter Show 2009

Sydney’s Royal Easter Show 2009
This year the babes and I managed to find a day where we were all free to go to the Easter Show altogether for the first time XP
The obvious starting point was the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome for some lunch… and we just HAD to stop by Mick’s Bakehouse – they have THE best-like orgasmic pies I’ve ever had and everyone knows it because last year they sold out of everything. So we tried to beat the rush this year, but they were nearly out of everything and it takes another 45mins for the next batch to be ready… luckily I scored the LAST Seafood Lasagne pie which was delicious (the lady who served me said I wouldn’t regret it) and returned another 45mins later to get a Steak and Onion pie for the boy. But the Pepper Steak pie I had previously is still the best. Following that we hit Crystal Bay Prawns for a whole heap of prawns for $10, a cup of Garlic Prawns and a cup of fresh prawns, and keeping up with the seafood theme we headed for the Oyster and Wine Bar. Continuing our way through the Fresh Food Dome, checking out the District Exhibits and picking up some freebies, including some Batlow apples which were suprisingly good and nibbled on some nuts.

Mick’s Bakehouse Pies

Seafood Lasagne

Pacific Oysters

“oOOoo food YUMM”

Crystal Bay Garlic and Fresh Prawns

nom nom nom

Cake Decorating Display – this one was so cute and creative!

Does not even look like a decorated cake… it looks like a toy
We originally planned on going to watch the Psycho Slideshow at the Big Top Amphitheatre but got sidetracked at the signt of the Giant Slide, and skipped the show altogether. Everyone went down the slide except for Alan and I came last… Then we took Jamie to the Farmyard and Nursery filled with some cute animals but mostly tiny hazardous goat poo and lambs attacking kids for food.It was hot and stuffy inside and their hand washing facilities at the end were so dirty, it was ridicurous.

Time for a snack, we each had a corn on a cob slathered with butter and “dusted” with salt and pepper which burned all our lips. I’m guessing the pepper was cayenne pepper or just extremely peppery, because we all felt like Jay-Z and needed a large icy cold Lemonade after it. After visiting Kid’s World, getting Jamie’s face painted, spending ages in the Showbag dome and watching them ride a fast ferries wheel we had a very unhealthy dinner, but a must-have at the show – Hot Dog on a Stick. We did trek it al the way to the NAB dome to watch the fireworks but were too tired to wait so called it a night after having some dessert at Movenpick. After almost 9hrs at the show we all had cankles but had a great day out. =)

The Giant Slide and Dora the Explorer

Everybody say AWWW

hehe There was an ugly chick XP

… bacon and pork chop


“No Mr.Goat!! I don’t want a kiss”

LOVE LOVE the Lemonade (we had 3 large cups… $15)

with the mouth-burning corn and our new recruit

Keyrings we bought from Kid’s World.


Movenpick Strawberry Sorbet



2 thoughts on “Sydney’s Royal Easter Show 2009

    • yes me too!! And it has to be the one from the stand with the cheese and the lemonade… not the other dodgy carts XP

      Thank you! I’m loving the teal colour and they still smell like bubblegum even after the whole day at the show!

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