Victoria Room

A few weeks ago we caught up with the besties over an afternoon high tea at the fabulous Victoria Room in Darlinghurst. The place is really hidden with two huge double doors which look more like the opening of a club rather than a restaurant, and the room is very very dimly lit but is absolutely gorgeous and exotic and something which came out of the era of British colonisation of India, or Casablanca even! I loved it, I felt like I was in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (the live action movie) or from The Secret Garden when Mary’s parents die in the earthquake.

When we arrived the place was totally packed, but the service was still attentive refilling our water every now and then. I was abit disappointed the teacups and the trays were only silver and were unlike the Royal Albert china used at The Tea Room, but then again I guess it wouldn’t really match the era as well. It was so relaxing nibbling on treats and a nice way to end the weekend.

Teas in silver metal teapots – Assam, Russian Caravan, Darjeeling and Chinese Sencha

The whole she-bang

Afternoon Tea Sandwiches
Chicken & Wild Herbs. Creme Fraiche & Dill. Smoked Salmon, Rocket, Lemon & Capers. Watercress, Celery, Walnuts & Goats Curd.

Date and Plain Scones with organic Strawberry Conserve and Chantilly Cream

Assorted Sweeties

Dark Chocolate Cup with Chocolate Mousse, Cream and Fresh Raspberries. Vanilla Bean Cupcake topped with Pink Icing
Mini Lemon Tart. Passionfruit Yo-yo

Sophisticated ladieeeees… not


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