Taste of Sydney 2009

It really was a lovely autumn day on Sunday despite the heavy thunderstorm on Saturday night, it was actually quite hot and sunny that some of us got sunburnt while the others had to resort to using a rain umbrella to shield us from the sun. We’re asian, it’s in our blood. So with the weather gods blessing us we headed over to the Centennial Parklands with our book of Crowns (the currency at the Taste of Sydney, empty stomachs and of course our menu books) for the final session of Taste of Sydney a four day celebration with 15 restaurants and many many many gourmet produce stalls.

Where to start, after a quick tour of the show area the boys grabbed our group a table and chairs were we could camp and eat all day because frankly for us it was all about the food and then we began gazing at the menu and deciding what foods we were going to eat. Each of the 15 restaurants were offering 3 dishes each with two mains and one dessert, and as a group we managed to have 17 dishes on offer from Jonah’s at Whale Beach, Becasse Etch & Plan B, Sailors Thai, Pilu at Freshwater, Restaurant Balzac, Danks Street Depot, Flying Fish, Assiette, Civic Dining, Berowra Waters Inn and Longrain.

All in all it really was a fun day for us albeit a bit on the exy side, but with six of us we were able to sample more of the foods on offer, stuff our bellies full and since we received so many vouchers as well, we’re pretty keen to use them on our next visit to the restaurant. (Oh and I’ve put most of the photos behind the cut for your convinience, aren’t you a happy chappy) Can’t wait till next year!

Heh funny story, whilst waiting in line to get into the Taste of Sydney I see a guy coming towards me in my peripheral vision but don’t recognise him so natually I ignore him. Then he walks up to me and talks… at this point I’m thinking “are you my friend? am I supposed to know you?” while Angie is thinking “does he like her” and the guys group of friends are “is he using crowns to hit on a girl?” while Bill and Alan are just completely lost. So he asks me if he could purchase some Crowns off me… me caught off guard thought this guy was trying to roll me for my Crowns,  but instead he mistook me for a Crown seller which his friends explained later. Now these Crown sellers roam the area in hot pink polo shirts and shorts and matching hot pink hat and a bum bag… it must have been my Mimco mini jetson hip bag. Poor guy he was really really embarassed.

Lovely Jubblies

The calm before the storm

Gourmet Stalls sampling chocolate and melt in your mouth salmon

Getting started with cocktails using our Crowns

Becasse, Etch & Plan B
This was one of the restaurants which we had all three dishes from. From Etch, Angie had the Sweet corn soup with sherry Chantilly and basil which she seemed to enjoy and finished before I could take a photo.

Plan B – Gundooee organic grass fed wagyu beef burger

I definately could not go pass having the wagyu beef burger from Plan B, this was my favourite dish… I was in burger heaven, the meat was so tender and juicy and the patty was thick with melted cheese and a delicious tasting sauce.

All gone

Becasse – Eton Mess with summer berries

Restaurant Balzac

Saddle of suckling pig with with crackling and baby garden peas.
Beautiful, the meat was tender and the crackling was subtley sweet and the gravy mmmm

Jonah’s at whale Beach

The other restaurant from which we had all three dishes.

Tempura ricotta filled zucchini flowers with basil pesto sauce

Sesame seared yellow fin tuna, crisp spring onion rings, red radish and watercress
I enjoyed this dish with the tuna and watercress so fresh and without dressing which overpowered the taste. The onion rings were so yummy too

Vanilla panna cotta with lavender honey and fresh pomegranate
Wobbly desserty goodness

Civic Dining

Moussaka of eggplant, sea scallop and taramasalata
When I read this I was wary of the scallop with eggplant and I also had no idea was a moussaka is, but I after I saw it, I had to have onee and I’m so glad I did because the scallop was absolutely divinee with the eggplant, except I found the eggplant skin too tough to eat.


Sydney rock oysters with vietnamese dressing, crispy shallot and baby coriander
These oysters were tiny!! but soo good, I usually hate anything Vietnamese and I absolutely hate coriander but the dressing was surpisingly fresh and subtle.

Loin and crumbed belly of lamb with basil mayonnaise and a tomato olive jus
( I don’t like to eat lamb so I didn’t try this one)

Bewrowra Waters Inn

Arancini of truffle risotto and buffalo mozzarella, spinach and fennel sauce.
The arancini risotto was so good, and the cheese was melted and gooey and stretchy and awesome, though I wasn’t a fan of it paired with the spinach and fennel sauce. My taste isn’t mature enough.

Asians under the umbrella eh eh eh

Sailors Thai

Yamba prawns, peanuts, lime, ginger, roasted coconut, chilli and caramel on betel leaves.
Are you supposed to eat the betel leaves with it??

Danks Street Depot

Pastrami of Kingfish with smoked oysters and a cucumber and apple salad.
I love kingfish and pastrami but this fish had a smell which I couldn’t take, though the smoked oysters were tasty

Poached strawberries with a chocolate and hazelnut meringue with whipped cream.


Ping Pong – lychees and passionfruit muddled then shaken with 42 Below Passionfruit Vodka, lychee and fresh lime juice



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