the patience and the peace, the cherry blossoms and candy

Last week I had a double date with my parents XP, they took us out on their boat from Akuna Bay on a mini cruise and up around the Palm Beach area, since my mum and I hadn’t gone out on the boat yet. It was a 40min drive to the d’Albora Marina at Ku Ring Gai where the Falcon Lady sleeps and fortunately for us it was a perfect day to go out on the sea and to the beaches – not too hot and not too cold but just right without us all burning in the sun. If my leg was good enough we could’ve gone on a bush walk of the Ku Ring Gai National Park, but oh well saved it for another day.

Rack n’ Stack
Like a scene out of Lost

Our boat isn’t a 150grand spectacular boat, but don’t underestimate the tiny speedboat because it went soo so fast, going airborne as it jumped over waves like a rollercoaster and it was the most fun I’ve ever had out on the sea!!! Usually I get terribly sea sick but not this time, which made it even more enjoyable and the fact that mum screamed her head off each time the boat skipped. Dad took us to this small beach near Palm Beach and part of the Ku Ring Gai Chase. It was our own little private beach that day because it was so secluded ther was nobody but us! Another bonus was the crystal clear water which was so nice and clear you could see small schools of fish swimming and one or two harmless jellyfish. He parked the boat about 30m from the beach and since we hand’t brought the smaller rubber boat we had to swim to get to the beach to have a picnic… now I was scared I might drown if I couldn’t use my legs properly… so shame on me but I used a life jacket as floaties haha. Lucky I took this precaution as the water was real deep when I jumped off the boat and secondly because I fell off the boat backwards, dunking me and flushing water up my nostrils – all because when I tried to climb up the ladder and back into the boat the pressure on my left foot was too much and my leg gave in… After our fun on the beach, back on the boat we had some more lunch and some tea while relaxing when we discovered the air bladder of a Blue Bottle or a Portugese Man O War close to our boat, sighing in relief we were all back in the boat we just continued away with ourselves only to discover an invasion of Blue Bottles a few minutes later. Now by the middle of the day there were alot more people at the beach so we had to yell at other swimmers that Blue Bottles were coming their way and most of them did get out knowing the danger except for the only other asians on the beach, an asian couple who refused to get out of the water even after several people warned them about the Blue Bottles… oh well. One girl did get a Blue Bottle wrapped around the arm, her dad managed to peel it off with the tentacles measuring about a metre long. Just remember if you see one, then in a few minutes you’ll see thousands because they travel in a swarm.

Our private beach XP
Looking way too happy
Assorted onigiri and Chicken Karaage
One of the many Blue Bottle air bladders and faintly the tentacle

After cruising and beaching we went fishing for a while where we caught 6fish altogether, Yellow Tails and Snappers which we ate for dinner as a sashimi salad and grilled too. They were absolutely delicious and fresh!! We caught so many more but they were undersized thus had to be released back into the water… Bill was using a 5 hooked fishing rod and he managed to catch two fish out of the 5 hooks!! He also used one of the Yellow Tail as a bait fish and managed to hook a larger fish on the Yellow Tail, but as he was reeling it in the larger fish fell off and left the Yellow Tail minus a tail, BOO I bet the larger fish would’ve been tasty. There’s something really satisfying about eating the fish you caught and knowing how fresh they are. Unfortunately for me, here is when I started to feel seasick just sitting there watching the waves and feeling each one, though the feeling subsided after we started cruising again.

Yellow Tail

And that’s the end of my mini weekend getaway. I CAN SWIM!!


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