almost paradiseeeeee

Previously, in Ayana’s Temporary Disabled Life Adventures…

Pre-Vday Jam session complete with GHWT and take away Casa Della Pizza with a late night visit to Cador for dessert.

Casa Della Pizza – Four Seasons
Too concentrated to look at the camera…
With the rain pouring outside and being immobilised, it was a quiet day in at home for V-day.
Bill’s Gourmet Picnic indoors including a fruits, carrots with dip, baguette with pastrami and rocket and baby spinach, cheeses and a bottle of wine… $50
Various Lindt dark chocolates… $20
Key Ring… $10
Rose… $20
then spending the day playing with a free brand spankin new NDS (won in a competition yay for me) with customised games and wallpaper… priceless


Bill’s massive roll…
Choux Cream Puffs with Whipped Cream Custard Filling and Chocolate Custard Filling
(My favourite kind of dessert)


Foot Update

I had another appointment with the foot specialist this week and prior to that I had another x-ray to see how the bone was healing and Southern Radiology hire such douches. I had this guy who was so rude and had no bedside manners at all – he was sarcastic and made me feel like I was wasting his time. He ordered me to take my boot off and stand on this pedestal which was high for me and I stood there looking at how the hell I’m going to get on this when I haven’t put any pressure on my left leg for 5wks – he rolls his eyes saying "yeh that’s right you’re gonna have to put your whole weight onto your left leg". Pissed off,  I did it and it was so fcuking painful with sharp pains shooting from the foot to the calf, and I had to stand there on one foot while he took the x-ray and repeated this again on the ground. I thought he had finished because he left the room so I sat down to relieve my leg and started to put the boot back on and grab my crutches but out of nowhere he yells at me not to put it on because I may have moved while on one leg so we might have to retake the x-rays. Thankfully the x-rays were fine and he told me to leave… bastard. The appointment with the foot specialist and physio went well, they’re both so kind especially the physio and told me to start walking without the crutches because the longer I leave my left leg immobilised the harder it will be to walk again. Apparently the bone is healing well and is aligned but it still looks quite the same to me, except maybe it is aligned better but you can still see a distinct gap between the two bones which worries me.

After 5wks

SO finally after six weeks I’m starting to practice walking again and it’s unbelievable that you can forget how to walk. My walk is more of a gentle stomp now, and it’s still bruised and painful to walk without the airboot. Let’s see how long it takes for me to start walking properly again.


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