oh baby, let me upgrade you


After three weeks of having a plaster cast, it was time to change the look and I got upgraded to a stylish black space boot. I had physio today and rehabilitation, the physio was so nice and caring unlike the specialist who was intimidating…I still can’t walk on it though which sucks because my armpits hurt from using crutches. So ever since I stopped walking on my left leg i have lost 4cm in circumference around my thighs and calves so I’ll look like this idiot with one fat leg and one skinny leg when everything has healed. I’ve also lost alot of muscle definition, so much that I was unable to move my foot 90degree to my leg it just sort of flops to the side…like a dead fish

Rocking one trendy new space boot – $185
Admist all the commotion and chaos with people going out of our lives for good, we still had the energy to have a fun day out together. First stop was Sparkle Cupcakery at Surry Hills which J&H kindly took us to, then it was time to sing it up at karaoke for a good THREE whole hours… SOBER!! Then dinner was awesome take away food for $10 each from Hurstville which is good quality and in large portions too! I heart that chinese restaurant in Hurstville, then the boys hurriedly ate and ran off to play GHWT while us girls stayed back to eat the leftovers and in the meantime getting fat.
Grapefruit&Strawberry Drink and Lemonade in cute bottles with pin up girls!
Lemon Squeeze and Green Tea with Bubbles (Pearl)
I LOVE YOU GIRLS and J too posing in the background
Angie being stupid, Helen feeling awkward and Jase still posing in the background

No she didn’t break her leg too, A came over last week to keep me company and play some Wii and try using crutches for a day – epic fail.


2 thoughts on “oh baby, let me upgrade you

    • yes! I’m so bored at home and I miss walking!!

      OMG I totally forgot to save the bottles, Helen and I were like we should keep them… dammit we have to go back XP

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