Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

"Right Angel"
Note: The wind blowing in our hair, the hardcore foot cast and gangsta gym ball
So how has temporary disabled life been treating me? Great at times and not so great other times. Honestly I get bored to death sitting down all day, internet becomes boring after a while and the intense heat hasn’t helped the situation at all. I’ve become accustomed to a routine to keep me somewhat sane which juggles tv (The Ellen DeGeneres Show, random shows on Foxtel and Japanese News) and Wii and at night… online shopping whilst other days Bill comes over to keep me entertained… though he usually ends up running to my brother to play computer games, check things on my FAST internet and watch Foxtel shows like freaking wrestling which I absolutely HATE that he can’t watch at home.

Honestly it has been a rollercoaster for me and the people around me, at first I felt like this foot would kill my social life with thoughts of all my friends forgetting about me over the 8wk period… stupid I know but the thought that I would be forgotten upset me and was on my mind for a few days… after that feeling disappeared it eventually graduated into feelings of anger at myself and then I’d continue to loathe in self pity. So Bill has had to put up with the pathetic part of me that is insecure and needy. XP

The end of the week is something I do look forward to very much because that’s when I usually get to see the besties. 
I miss you and love you both so much… though I really feel like a huge burden on everyone. It sucks that I can’t really go out on a Friday night anymore and boo because I didn’t get to join them at Rockpool.

Last Saturday the besties came over for a dinner party at mine where we had XO Crab with Vermicelli, Salt&Pepper Calamari and White Bait, MaPo Tofu and Assorted Tempura followed by Green Tea Pannacotta for dessert and petite fours from Koko Black =)))  Then we proceeded to play SuperSmashBroBrawl on Wii.

Today on CNY eve we all caught up over YumCha at Canterbury League Club which was a very nice venue with great interior decorations and water features everyfcukingwhere. Then headed to Burwood in a mad rush to buy Guitar Hero World Tour because we were all desperate to play it this afternoon and then rocked it out at J’s house for 3hrs. Then back to mine for dinner consisting of fish that papa caught on a fishing trip earlier – omg we had Kingfish cooked and sashimi and it was oh-so-fresh and thick and so biiiiggg, we also had Leather Jacket and something else I forgot the name of…. and then dessert of Coffee Pannacotta and Chai Tea Pannacotta while we watched Rogue Assassin with all the Chinese actors acting as Yakuza with horrible accents and Devon Aoki shaming us all. ANYHOO the weekend meet ups are probably the only highlights of the week, that and eating homecooked japanese meals everyday every meal =))) and getting waited on by everyone at home jkz


How I’ve been spoilt
Perfect Pancakes!!!
Assorted Japanese Crackers – Prawn, Green Tea, Sweet Potato, Seaweed

annnd I absolutely love this songg

6 thoughts on “Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

  1. Devon Aoki shames us all too… by us I mean the entire human race. Because she’s like… she doesn’t even look remotely human but obviously some people still think she is. Shame on us… shame shame. She should be in a cage of something really.

    Oh, and Happy CNY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HAHA I never thought she was pretty… ever

      Happy CNY to you too!!
      Though I don’t celebrate it, but I do know this sun nin fai lok (alot of happiness in the new year – my chinese friends taught me that much)

  2. Oh Ayana! I do believe you have NOTHING to worry about, in terms of being forgotten and whatnot ๐Ÿ™‚ You have an awesome boyfriend and girl friends who love you dearly. Take it from someone who is now single, lonely, and has never had any girly girl friends ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Haha, jks. Hope you have a speedy recovery ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thankss sweetie!! After you have a whinge and a huge cry about these things I think you realise how stupid you sound and get over it XP

      YOU don’t have anything to worry about either because from stalking your photo albums seems like you have a great time with your close friends!! Haha you guys have so many fun trips which I bet run so smoothly because you’re all so close!!

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