Laurent Patisserie, Melbourne

Day Five

Quick Macca’s breakfast since I needed to eat before I take my painkillers, and then brunch at Laurent Patisserie again, for a very decadent brunch. They didn’t have my croque monsieur or madame, so I had a cake XP Then we continued to do some last minute shopping and we’re off back to Sydney!

We arrived in Sydney at 4pm in the afternoon and then I went straight to the hospital since the inflammation and pain in my feet wasn’t going down anytime soon, and the bruising seemed to get worse as now the sole of my feet were blue too!! unbelievable! After spending 3hours at the hospital getting a consultation and an x-ray, it was revealed that I had fractured my 5th metatarsal bone of my left foot. There is a strong ligament attached to the base of the 5th metatarsal and apparently what I did was as I twisted my ankle/foot, the ankle rolled in and pulled on this ligament I pulled off the bone fragment? arienai itsuno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe I actually broke my foot and I think I was in shock then. The doctor was obviously pretty pissed off at me demanding to know exactly how I did this and when it happened, he was chocked too because it was a really bad fracture in his opinion, he kept asking me whether I fell down the stairs and to tell him the truth if I did (I left out the bit where I walked on my foot for 3days to go shopping XP) So then I had to get my leg plastered up and I own a pair of crutches which I’m still trying to get used to, the stairs at home are a bitch and I’m pretty much bed-ridden since it’s too tiring to go out with crutches all day – they really hurt my armpits and my good leg gets tired from carrying my whole weight. Pretty pathetic I got tired walking from the carpark and through a restaruarnt to our table. I’m on strict orders NOT to put weight into my left leg and NEVER to walk on it… so I really should invest in a wheelchair if I decide to go out anywhere at all, I mean I still have 7weeks of healing left to go.

Laurent Patisserie


Van gogh ?

Goodbye Melbourneee

The result of flicking a moth in my hotel room.

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